Friday, 20 February 2015

Impulsive Fridee

Wonka here.  What, you all wonder up, has Owner done now?  Has she been rude?  NO it is not that.  Bought a new coat, dress, top, shoes or bag? NO it is not that either....and finally, you all wonder up has she dyed her hair, cut it all off or had extensions.  NOT ON YOUR NELLY and I am thinking of hiding the scissors.  All she has done, suddenly and without consulting me, is to send in another submission folks.  BLIMEY you all say up.  yes.  I woke up from a small nap to find her all excited and going on about this agent with the same initials as her (good omen she says), that she suddenly came across whilst looking at something else (good omen 2.) and so she thought WHY NOT and set about sending it all off.  This just means she will be on a knife edge for the next 6 weeks folks and so shall I.  What is this 6 weeks?  Because dear folks the agent is a female, that Owner stumbled across, she is a highly organised and eloquent being and mentions in the CONFIRMATION  EMAIL that if we haven't heard by then, it is NOT a goer.  Or words to that effect.  Happily, it also says NOT to despair if you are rejected, and I am even now preparing for that event.  In secret that is, whilst saying things like, GO OWNER! and THEY WILL LOVE IT!  well as you know, I am Owner's number one fan and I DO love all her stories. x

Fresh and impulsive para.  Here is our cartoon offering folks:
There we are!  and that is me egging Owner on (whilst sleeping!!) and telling her lots of positive things.  If I don't try I won't win she says.  I love it.
Final impulsive para:  so today went in another direction to where it might have.  Instead of wasting time at the giant maze that calls itself a supermarket, or mucking around with her hair (only joking Owner!) Owner has been creative and productive which she blames fully on the planet line up plus the new moon.  IT IS ALL TO DO with Aries, she droned to me at some point in between zzzzzzzzzzz and my mid afternoon snack.  Personally I blame it all on the Chinese New Year which is the year of the sheep.  or goat.  or ram.  Actually if it is a Ram, so is the sign of Aries....perhaps Owner is onto something for a change..........  Now last night we cuddled up to a LIVE episode of Enders during which it was revealed who murdered Lucee.  As you know we ruled out Dot who as it turns out says she is guilty of disposing of her evil child Nick.  As she was being carted off in a police car, evil dean was trying to kidnap thingy and set fire to the Queen Vic Cellar with Mick possibly killing him.  That is two murders down maybe and who killed Lucee???  Eh??  Bobby of course.  NOT the chimney sweep son of Shazzer, who has vanished but Lucee's half bruv, step bruv sort of bruv.  it is all very confusing and we must watch it tonight.  Luckily Owner is still on enthusiastic setting and can last the pace.  I love it.
Real impulsive and final para.  Rug is atop his linen basket on the freshly washed heated pad which Owner suddenly had to wash and dry in the space of half a hour (that impulse thing) and Bertie Bubb is to eat what we are eating and not the very expensive luxury food he was on (more impulse).  Me? thanks for asking, I am alright and just about coping with Owner being round the home all day.  I look forward already to next week when she is back on the treadmill and cannot interfere overmuch.  I did say to Owner are you going to sit down and have your tea and where's mine but she didn't hear me above shouting at that new and annoying new quiz show two tribes or something very like that.  the weekend is upon us folks SO do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x