Friday, 13 February 2015

Lucky for some Fridee

Wonka here.  What, I goes to Owner when she was fully awake and I had my breakfast thank you very much, yes what is all the fuss about...............YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MENTION THAT DAFT FILM Wonka she interrupts me with and then I says which one (as there are so many and I have been unfortunate enough to watch some of them all telling us they are drop dead funny full of action etc) THE ONE THEY ARE ALL bleating on about she says up to me AND even good Christophe Evans on the breakfast show had the director of this film on too.  BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY continues Owner, who said it was the most boring interview of all time and she (the extremely well paid and boring Director) could not mention things and then did mention a plot spoiler.  BUT IT'S OK carries on Owner who is now working up nicely AS I WON'T be going to see it!!  When she had drawn breath, I finally says up: what is all the fuss about Fridee the Thirteenth??  I love it

Lucky ol para.  Some of us have enjoyed a nice day with no unlucky things in it, or if there were we didn't see them, or hear them. Rug was pat and mick first thing but Owner says she is not counting this in as unlucky.  IT COULD HAPPEN to any of us, she droned.  personally I think Ruggles is stretching it, in his kitchen come boudoir (OOH) and I would have a word in his shell like.  For those of you who are not sure what a shell like is it means ear good folks.  Now today, Owner has tried to book a new handyman to fix the non draught proofing on the good back door.  That is to say it needs some.  First off, he says he will 'bob round'.  Then he says he is a 'bit busy' and it might be tomorrow.  Luckily, and due to Owner's new and nirvana like setting, this did not matter.  much.  And when she fell back in with mostly essential shopping TICK, and just a few non essentials after careful examination I have passed them TICK.  Why? you all wonder up, are you being so gracious Wonka?  Mainly because it is bordering on my afternoon snack and snooze time, that's why.  I love it.

Small and lucky for us para.  here follows a glimpse of Owner's good luck purchase from yesterdee.
There it is!! pretty as you like adorning Owner's wrist!  it has been given a big TICK (sorry)and I swear the minute (sorry!) she popped it on her wrist our fortunes did swing up.  By the hour (oops!)We love it. x
Final full of luck para.  Today has ticked over nicely (doing it again) with Owner in such a pleasant come day go day setting we are now drifting towards tonight's telly.  After the excitement of Leo thingy in Wolf of Wall st, there is just Corrie X 2 and Enders.  Dot (Enders) is still on the cusp of giving up on her evil child Nick.  All else have given up on him and some are calling him a psychopath.  Will he transform into Lucee's killer?  it is all to play for.  And drunken Lauren knows who it is.  Will someone stop Max from being a daft old dad?  that is all to play for too.  Corrie is underplaying it as ever and there is no pantomime villain in sight.  not unless you count Callum and he is too handsome really.  There is Owen who is busy sowing seeds of doubt about his ex missus.  Even Anna, his partner at the moment believes him!  Gingertop aka thingy won't believe him you'll see.  Gary that's his name shouts Owner, Gary!  The weekend is upon us, again, and for some, a week of bliss.  With no demanding, selfish, shouty and mean staff in sight.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x