Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Misunderstood Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Owner reports thus:  today has been a long chain of getting it wrong, forgetting things, someone giving me the 'heads up' (Owner specially does NOT like this expression and come to think about it neither do I.  It is in the same realm as calling everyone 'guys' and ''regrouping', there I have said it.)  I could not, she moaned up, DO RIGHT FOR DOING WRONG....and after she had explained what that meant to me (It was dead on tea time so I did listen up) I got it.  It turns out that the school where she is, is just a minefield for all of this to happen, with Owner trotting gaily along without any warnings as to where the hidden mines are.  I love it.

Fresh say that again para.  it seemed to all start with the dread Mercury ploughing backwards through the heavens giving way to simple things being taken the wrong way and mistakes abounding.  I could have easily stayed in bed all day she carried onto me.  I mean I see this as THE solution to just about any prob or someone going funny because you said something they thought was an insult.  The children are at it all day long reports Owner to me, saying SHE said I said this and then crying for hours when really nothing was said.  OR at least not the giant insult.  I NEED ALL THIS TO STOP goes Owner and so do I good folks, because we cannot afford for Owner to be misunderstood all the time.  And here is my second piece of sound advice.  STOP trying so hard Owner, it does not matter in the long run.  I love it lots.

Misunderstood Para.  For our simple cartoon, is Owner on her first really good misunderstanding of the week:
There she is!  I always say things like, OH it will be alright, and LEAVE well alone.  usually from under the bed though or at the other side of a door.  I love it. x 
Final had enough para.  Alongside all the other bits and bobs is another theme and this is one of MISSED PHONE CALLS.  This one, is where someone you need to speak to but don't want to speak to, rings you up.  You do your duty and ring them back.  They are not there and you leave a message.  Then you check that they are really them and that was really the number, and do it all again.  To all the known phone numbers for the person you do not want to hear from. THEN, you obtain an email. But Owner, I says to her, you HATE emails.  I KNOW she goes back to me hammering one out. All that can save Owner from this relentless round of offishness and missed calls is Corrie X 1 and Wolf Hall.  As you know dear folks out there caught up in your own misunderstandings Henry 8th wasn't one to  dally about with OR give the wrong info to.  And if he made a mistake, no one must say.  In Corrie we are keeping an eye on Callum and so is thingy, wotsits daughter and Chesney's ex.  there we recalled a name! things are looking up.  Ruggles tipped over the water bowl and lingered by the back door for hours whilst a freezing wind poured in, Bertie over used the facilities and me?  thanks for asking, I have been a tower of go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Extra big love Wonka x