Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Playful Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Ruggles has discovered his inner kitten!  Owner bought him a mousey which, to our knowledge he has never noticed, but I , being a kind and generous feline, pushed one of my jingly balls through the door to the kitchen the other night and GUESS WHAT!.  YES! he trounced it, he smashed it, he chased it he rolled over on it.  HE LOVED IT!x

Fresh fun para.  Owner reckons he was a deprived kitten and is making up for lost time.  Me?  thanks for asking, I am as you know busy chasing Bertie Bubb instead of balls now, despite warnings from Owner.  According to her, we need to SOCIALISE Bertie who may not know he is a cat!  So he is yet to discover his inner kit.  Have I to get him a toy, droned Owner to me, but I says where would he fit in this playtime beyond hiding from me, I mean snuggling on down in the Narnia cupboard or the land of Wardrobe??  eh?...Now lest you forget here follows a cartoon of the three of us. x

Cartoon para:
There we are!  Bertie bubb up front, and I am nicely in my amazon Box with Ruggles bringing up the rear....I love it. x
Final playful para.  Today whizzed by and it didn't seem like two minutes til Owner fell back in through the door, luckily with fresh supplies.  She babbled on about the little people and the wind chill factor and swiping identity cards and remembering door codes and such but I am ashamed to say I switched off, round about the button to get in the door and what a nuisance it was waiting for a nice kind admin person to buzz you back.  BUT no barriers today TICK and Owner lost the slow car in front near the start of her journey home TICK.  She says the nursery is home from home as it is full of chattering people instead of cats and twice as smelly.  I ask you!  Tonight we will hold fast to Enders even though it is full of people trying to leave the square or regain consciousness.  Good Holbee awaits and we must be grateful they are not operating on us and finally if Owner can stay awake there is The gift.  We missed it last week and it was good so you bet any money says Owner it will be lukewarm tonight.   Other than this good folks, the only other news is that for the millionth time Owner left the rice pudding in the oven where it lives once it is cooked.  It just means the remains of the pudding was soldered to the new ovenproof dish and would melt iron.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x