Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Poetry Day Wednesdee

Wonka here.  YES!!  sound of klaxons going and buzzing and bells ringing and drum rolls - OWNER ACTUALLY went out.  All it took good folks, on the edge of your seat thinking DID SHE GO OUT?? was a sharp text from daughter saying words to the effect of, you can always leave if it is a wash out.  And the rest of my diary for today is dedicated to all poets everywhere thinking shall I go out or not.  I love it.

Fresh and poetic para.  The first problem Wonka, she says to me on her return, which was only a couple of hours but I did make the most of it - she says she had a lot of trouble parking.  And nearly gave up.  THERE Were NO spaces nearby she reports up and THEN, she saw a lit up sign saying CAR PARK.  I hate those car parks she droned, and I am not driving round them for hours to find a space and then having an anxiety attack about getting out.  BUT the god of parking as per, was ahead of the game.  As she approached the barrier and all the shenanigans of pressing buttons and gaining a ticket did she spy a space only yards away!!  First prob down, and onto the venue itself.  It was the Library Wonka, she continued, and honestly folks I was listening up as it was close on supper time - YES I says to show I was really listening, - I got upstairs and there was a big hall to my left full of women and one woman at the top with a box of something.  I mouthed through the door POETRY? and a nice woman jumped up and redirected me to a smaller room. zzzzzzzzzzzz OH, I goes, and then Owner?  Then, I trots in and everyone looks at me, and someone jumped up and found me a chair.  It all sounded like a typical Owner night out to me.  And I love it. x

Cartoon break para.  it turns out the other bigger and fuller room was for flower arranging, and Owner says we must have a show of flowers.......
This is an old (sorry Owner!!) one that Owner did perhaps in the last century ONLY JOKING! it is one of Owner's series of lost artwork that is available as a postcard but strangely no one has ever bought one.  I LIKE IT she says up, and so do I so that's all that matters up.  A bunch of Iris in a blue jug it is called.  and We Love It!  The flower arranging people might have liked it too. x
Final poetic para.  Did you write a poem?  I says up to Owner who was busy making pancakes far into the night.  I wrote three! she reports to me.  One of them, it turns out was about me TICK, one about her that is too dark to print Half a TICK, and the other was about our Halloween story HUGE TICK. How creative is that??  eh??   Owner should go out more often and she is to check out the Writer's Circle.  I never had myself down as that type, she droned to me, but as I pointed out, she does write, and thus is certainly a prime suspect I mean candidate (get me.)  alongside this excitement we have my Aunty to stay.  This means HUGE CUDDLES and the number one treatment all day long.  Plus a table laden with food and sweets and the film show.  It all starts the minute she lands and will keep going until she leaves.   And just a little poetry tip for you all out there trying to think of one - IT NEED NOT RHYME folks!!!  Better if it doesn't - and a fine quote from Fred Astaire who said 'If it doesn't look easy, you are not working hard enough!' and sorry if we missed out a word or two Fred. - He made all those dance routines look fab and effortless when really - YEARS OF PRACTICE!!  Now we are all filmed out and to go go SO do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x