Saturday, 7 February 2015

Red Sky Satdee

Wonka here.  With no further ado:
There it is!  a beauty red sky to end the day with.   OOOHHH goes Owner when she trots through to the dining room for something else.    I mean I was nicely in my box, Bertie Bubb snug as you like in the Narnia cupboard and Rugglestop on his linen basket sound as a pound.  This always cheers Owner up so Thank you! red sky....I love it x
Red sky para.  our little diary is short and sweet tonight as I am behind myself and need to get in front.  I have all the usual checking to do plus the bigger task of cheering Owner up.  She fell back in from her rounds and reports a short visit with aged parent.  HOW SO? I enquired nicely up.  I am not in the mood, continued Owner, for being nice.  I did say no change there then but luckily she was busy blowing her nose and did not hear me. The other thing that happened up was that Owner who is blaming all on her cold SNEEZE SNEEZE blow nose....SNEEZE, left a bag of shopping at the local and very nice we like it lots, Spar shop. BUT I goes to Owner when she realised she should be unpacking more chocolate (maltezers) more catfood (Bertie's Sheba - so I don't care about that) and coffee, the good news is that she DID unpack her tea. a bar of Fry's choc cream, the bread and some fruit.  A good healthy shopping barring the choc I goes to her after she had found the phone number for the shop and spoken to a nice sales assistant.  IT IS UNDER THE COUNTER she says up, and she is to collect it tomorrow.  I love it.
Final red sky para.  Apart from Owner's cold all is well good folks and we should be nestling up to The Voice and shouting things at those judges very shortly.  Willyam is the lowest one in gaining his team as he hardly ever turns round OR he turns round too late and says he is sorry.  Then we will be cuddled up to the Lotto results as we are in it to win it and so is aged sibling.  Owner did not ask aged parent if she wanted a ticket as she once wrote her numbers down on a bit of paper to see if they were winning numbers, and as Owner likes to say END OF.  If Owner can stay awake to see what happens to Charley Farley nursey and nice Zoe and mostly conniving Connie, then Casualtee ahoy!  so do enjoy your Satdee night folks and do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x