Sunday, 15 February 2015

Snooze Sundee

Wonka here.  Owner is proud to announce she has had a giant nap.  It lasted for over an hour and I had to wake her up.  WAS I DRIBBLING OR SNORING Wonka, she goes with one eye open.  It was right on my teatime so I said no to one and yes to the other............NO I am not saying which!!!! We love a snoozle...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz x

Fresh and half awake para.  The other week perhaps it was last week, and not for the first time I admit to thinking  where does that time go??  eh?  Anyhow, Owner had the car with no name washed.  And does it look good still??  YES.  Whatever he washed it with Wonka, she droned to me, it is still gleaming and I even thought about hoovering it inside.......personally, when Owner starts on about using a monster to clean up I am under that bed in seconds, but mucking around at the petrol station?  YOU NEED A HOLIDAY Owner I says up.  In the meantime here is our cartoon for the day.
There it is! sparkling away and perhaps ready to take Owner on a little mystery tour......x
Final sleepy hollow para.  We are watching Lady and the Tramp.  I have taken to it, and even sang along with those Siamese IF YOU PLEASEEEEEE, and if you DON'T pleaseeee.  Owner reports she had the little ornaments of Lady and Tramp and used to play with them all.  Her fave was......all of them!!!  She has always loved animals has Owner.   so a very sleepy day BUT Owner did go swimming and once more braved the fast lane.  All these men were crashing up and down Wonka!  making lots of noise and splashing!  That's men for you I says up, got to make a noise but I do hope Owner I goes, very nicely I thought, that you weren't rude?  NOT ONCE..  she says back.  That's alright then.  Tonight we are all relaxed and happy due to it being a week off and will be clustered up to Call the Midwifey and all the goins on PLUS there is a new series to follow it, by the same person who wrote Harry Potter. IT LOOKS GOOD Wonka says Owner, who is not a fan of Mr Potter but may like the grown up tale called, The Casual Vacancy.  We do hope you are all cuddled up and safe and snug like us today, and you have a wonderful and happy week.  In the meantime, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x