Sunday, 22 February 2015

Soggy Sundee

Wonka here.     Owner wanted to call it sodden sundee but I said folks out there will think you are swearing Owner.  Me? she goes all surprised.....YES you I goes back.  So it is changed to soggy.  Why is it soggy you all wonder up.  As promised by the good weather forecast the rain they said would get here, got here.  Plus some wind and frost earlier on, and even though folks it is like a sauna in here, not to mention my good amazon box (and now I have) I have it on good authority (Owner) that it is FREEZING Wonka outside.  I love it.

soggy para.  For our good cartoon today, it is DVD review number two:

There we are!  Cold in July....And it is pretty cold in February too!  This was unexpectedly good, and Owner was astonished she had selected another good film.  it has thingy in it and we like him.  it seems predictable but then it lurches off into another direction says Owner.  OH YES I says back.  there is the usual killings and people with no clothes on and oh drugs but even so goes Owner, I liked it a lot and so did daughter.  Another 5 star rating from us because WE loved it.

Final soggy para.   NEWS ALERT!!!  sound of klaxons blaring and so forth...........  There is a beauty ol theatre called The #Futurist and Owner is determined it shall not close.  HOW, I says up all interested as it as was smack on my tea time, can it be saved??  Well says Owner, droning on about going to see Prometheus there (that pre Alien film that quite honestly would be frightening enough at home never mind a huge great cinema with no one else there) and it is like an old fashioned cinema stroke theatre hall.  And she says IT IS ICONIC Wonka.  Right, I says back eyeing up my biscuit troughs and waiting for some of those really nice dreamies.  I know for a fact Ruggles gets them all the time.  anyhow, it turns out there is a mission TO SAVE THE FUTURIST.  it is on the south shore, and even more important it features in our latest Easter story, Duffel again.  I have popped a coin in the Wishing Well so we can all relax now and wait for the magic to start.  I love it.

Real final para.  alongside wanting to save things, Owner is on fairly calm setting and even went swimming.  It was packed with other folk all wanting to get their lengths in so Owner did not stay in long.....they were getting on my nerves Wonka!  We are now cuddling up to an old film all about Sinbad and some paper machier monsters (that is not how you spell it but I don't care) there are trolls and big beaked birds and such like.  Sinbad keeps rescuing people and we love him.  Tonight it is The Midwifey and then our new best fave (after Wolf Hall) the Casual Vacancy which is full of druggies and young carers and middle class folk.  it has it all and we love it.  Now the good week is on us, and Owner is travelling to her new placement, a nursery, yes.  She is all prepared bar actually being there and I have hopes for it.  and her.  So do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x