Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Three D Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Owner has reported feeling ill.  And? I goes in that new and very annoying way.  It's my throat she whispers up first thing.  So long as it doesn't affect my feeding routine in any way, Owner can be as ill as she likes.  NO I wasn't fool enough to say this to Owner and instead, I offered up suggestions like:  have a nice soothing drink of orange.  Double up on your vit C Oh I have started a list without knowing it. I love it.  sneeze, cough cough, slurp some orange drink, blow nose.  I doubly love it.

New what shape is this para.  When Owner fell into the classroom the student she is helping was even more ill than she had been before.  NOW, reports Owner, she can barely talk.  Having traced where the cold has come from, I can only advise Owner to perhaps mask her face with a scarf.  No one will notice Owner, I droned up, as it is so cold they will think you are shielding your face from the frost and such like.  I cannot talk through a scarf, she goes to me, and the children were learning about THREE D SHAPES.  Personally I do prefer a pyramid and this is one of the shapes they were learning.  Either that or one of those can shaped ones.  I got muddled up, says Owner, between a rectangle (2 dimensional folks) and a cuboid (which is 3 dimensional).  I ask you.  As long as you did not pass your muddlement on Owner I says to her but she was too busy sweeping up the new low dust cat concrete aka litter, off the luxury carpet.  NO it was not me it was Bertie.  I love it.

New three Dish para.  for our good cartoon today there is a rather good one all about Ruggles. NO I don't mind.
There we are!  Owner struggling up the back yard with two heavy black sacks and there under the bench is the behind and stumpy tail of Ruggles!  Up top are the good bins and to the left is the luxury shed.  And, just to the top of the bench to the left of Owner, is Baba's Buddleia also the resting place of little mouse.  HANKIES away!  Ruggles does not usually pop back in the morning as once released back into the wild he speeds off on his rounds but yesterdee he did return and blow me down ahead of a little snowstorm.  So he is now officially our barometer.  but we do not tap him.  no.  we love him x
Final 3 D shapes of an evening para.   Today has been fair to middling with no horrid mixups (yesterdee) and no bad news (holding off for now).  So we are in the middle of it you could say.   Owner is loving her hair again (thank you hair doctor graham) and does not feel like an ugly clumsy troll.  I did ask what was for tea but she was busy admiring her hair from all angles and in 3 D. Now tonight it is the usual dose of Enders and Shirlee has a glimmer of light about her son (for now) Deano.  he is not the golden boy after all (for now) and she wants him to run away to York.  yes.  I favour Scotland for running away to but no one has asked me to,  as yet.  Then we may watch Holby citee and the deranged doctors and less so nurseys.  After which I expect Owner to down drinks tablets and batten down the hatches ready for another three D night.  So do go steady out there in the Wold good folks whichever dimension you are in.  Big Love Wonka x