Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines Satdee

Wonka here. 
There it is!! Owner's brand new lippie from yesterdee.   no wonder she is feeling tip top and drop dead gorgeous.  AND most important it is doubling up as our HAPPI VALENTINES DAY cartoon!!
We love it.............xx
Fresh and loving para.  Even the trip to visit aged parent did not upset Owner.  NOT EVEN Wonka, she reports to me, NOT EVEN WHEN SHE SAYS I DON'T LIKE THAT to the new rug that Owner had purchased.  (not our Rugglestop we don't mean!!  we mean a warm woolly rug to go over your knees rug).  The rug in question folks, was a warm and soft amber shade (not grey no) with some stripes here and there and lots of small sheep; small sheep with little black feet and a black face.  I DON'T LIKE BLACK bleats I mean says aged parent.  They are sheep explains Owner, and not for the first time has that conversation about whether aged parent can see (NO) or hear (NO).  It turned out aged parent did like the rug once she knew what was trotting all over it.  Having a nice chat with the others (Jeff and Margaret they are fab Owner says) saved me Wonka.  I love it.
Final match of the day para.  You will all want to know this much.  Did Owner receive a valentine??  answer: NO.  She seemed to take it well though and says it is alright as true love will find a way.  I did say that it is taking an awful long time to find our address and were those pesky Vikings at the bottom of it but she didn't hear me above playing Bob Dylan's new CD.  it is called the shadows in the night or something very like it and SORRY bob if it isn't.  It is the most mournful, drifting, soulful, strange load of tunes we have ever heard and we love it.  End of.  Tonight we will drift along to The Voice and that strange line up of Judges never mind the singers they are all normal as yet.  We are not inittowinit BUT if our beloved Dale thingy is back as opposed to (get me) Alfie out of Enders we may watch and THEN it's all to play for in Casualtee.  Zoe has found romance again with her porter chappie and Connie needs some.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and me and Owner wish you a fabulous eve.  Big Love Wonka x