Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Walk out Wednesdee

Wonka here.  SHE HASN'T you all wonder up.  OH YES she has I say back to you all.  and here it is:

There she is! Walking away from a horrid job towards the car with no name patiently parked up and waiting to transport Owner back to Home Sweet Homeo......we love it.

Walk about para.  hallo Owner I goes when she appears with some shopping mid morn.  HALLO she goes back, and THANK THE LORD I am home.  it turns out that the funny place where she had been sentenced to do the admin, was (list) 1.  uncongenial to people coming in to help out 2.  cold and even colder when people did not close the door to (I did mention it Wonka she tells me up) 3. speaking in forked tongues instead of explaining things properly. 4. uncongenial.  OH I said that.  but it can go on twice as how anyone in their right mind could treat Owner like nothing.....I would give them a small scratch if they came near.  Now your main question is burning down the wire and it is this:  Did Owner's hair look alright whilst she was busy walking out?  ANSWER thankfully, Owner reports it would not have moved in a tsunami and thanks to the pack loads of product on it, it had gone a new and bearable colour. AND she did not feel ugly whilst telling the right person she was offski.  I Love it.

New and now what para.  Any plans Owner? I queried up from the top of my amazon box (I save under the bed for things like those pesky Vikings and the monster that Owner heaves round to eat up all the dust and fur)  A CUP OF TEA AND A CREAM DOUGHNUT she droned to me, and, get this, to watch the Lion King.   I did say it might have you on a crying jag but she didn't hear me above the steam train aka kettle coming up to the boil.  Will you all starve I hear you worrying up.  Oh yes most likely!  NO!  only joking, not while we have Owner's best friend the credit card handy.  and you never know, some poor school might take pity on Owner and have her back.  We live in hope anyways.  Now due to this good day being all upside down and hows your father we are clinging onto the tv rather.  There is good Corrie X 1 and all about Michael and his heart and Gail and hers and the pretend son.  ALSO, thingy's ex wife and mother of Katie and thingy has turned up.  Anna who is thingy's new partner is not keen.  THEN we can cuddle up to Wolf Hall and lovely Mark Rylance who is starring as Tom Cromwell the court wheeler and dealer.  It will all end in tears but we love him and we love it.  Rugglestop has done with his daily wanderings and is atop the linen basket and Bertie Bubb is back upstairs in his wardrobe hidey hole.  Me? thanks for asking, and I'm just looking for a small silver coin to toss in the wishing well.....  so do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it, and specially if like Owner, you have walked out of your job or some such!  Big Love Wonka x