Thursday, 12 February 2015

Way to go Thursdee

Wonka here.   It never ceases to amaze Owner how our fortunes swing from one side to another - the wheel turns, she says up to me, and I goes, THAT WISHING WELL is doing us proud Owner!  I love it.

Fresh and off we go again para.  WHAT? you all shout up has happened now.....  a good news phone call from the beloved agency offering Owner some future work with the littlest people going.  It is on and off for six good weeks.  I HAVE SAID YES Wonka, says Owner to me, putting the phone down and making lots of lists and notes in her diary.  Me?  thanks for asking, as I can look forward to a tired but happy Owner tramping through the door with tales of the little people in their nursery room.  And to celebrate this, which will happen the week after next (half term looms good folks) here is a cartoon of  a wet playtime.  Which is what happens when it is poor weather outside, things happen inside.
There she is!  doing a spot of colouring in...most of the children liked the fairy picture but one of them favoured the young King Tutankamun going hunting with his leopards and if they weren't leopards we are very sorry.
Final way to go para.  Owner has had a wonderful day and I am reporting that her setting has swung from minus zero to around 8 on the scale.  What you all wonder up has caused this swing.  First up, Owner's hair has suddenly and without warning settled into a good hairstyle.  It also took it upon itself to go a decent colour.  It just seemed to happen overnight reports up Owner to me, smiling and all calm and such like.  If we were in a film, there would be butterflies flapping round.  and bluebirds. Second up she had a nice soothing day getting up late, wandering into town and guess what! NO that is not it.  Third up and the best thing of all is Owner purchased a new watch strap for her best watch.  it used to be her beloved Dad's watch who is now in wood carving heaven, and it had a plain old black strap on it.  BUT NOW!  it has a beautiful pink padded strap on.  The man in the shop says to me Wonka 'it is like a new watch!' and it is good folks.  It looks like a dream on Owner's wrist.  and finally we have watched The Wolf of Wall Street (it has wolf in the title so it must be good) and despite all the sex and drugs and money, to Owner's amazement she loved it.  There.  A good day had and how we needed it.  Rug is slightly in Owner's bad books for going on the bathroom mat.  but only slightly.  After all Wonka, she says to me, he does that outside to let all the others know he is here.  I did say that was no excuse and I would read him the riot act from under the door but she didn't hear me above laughing loudly at the film.  Tonight unless we suddenly take to Emmerdale which we are not going to and sorry Emmerdale, there is Enders to keep us on our toes and then the plunge into nothing.  sometimes folks, nothing is good.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x