Thursday, 19 March 2015

Banished Thursdee

Wonka here.  Banished is the new setting in this house; according to Owner she thought she was (quote) coming down with yet another cold folks and blames it FULLY on being banished outside with the little people in freezing conditions.  They all holler to go out Wonka, she tells me up, once she has returned to the sauna like conditions of our home.  Well they would!  they are running round, falling over each other, chasing each other and going under a parachute so OF COURSE they want to be outside EVEN though it is icy and grey and cold.  I just wanted to come home says Owner, a bit like some of the little children I says back.  Personally, I am very happy to stay in my home and just observe the outside from any one of my look outs.  I love it. x

short and sweet banished para.  herewith, and as soon as you like, a glimpse of what my life is like day in day out.
There we are!  it is Wonka's Lair you are looking at !!  and as you can see, it includes every single room in the house.  Alright I do have to keep clear of the kitchen at the moment, but I expect any day now to have unrestricted access!!!  Owner says this is possible and not just a dream of hers (that me and Rug could love each other.....).  I mean. I love it.
Final banished para.  In other more exciting news there is to be a solar eclipse!  Although Owner wonders how we will notice if the cloud and mist and general grey stuff persists.  WE WILL FEEL the effects I reminded her, and hardly dare mention the new moon which we might also not see in a cloudy night sky!!  Our fave Astrologer has told of: endings and beginnings.  I can see plenty of endings droned Owner and I made her sit down with a nice glass of red to take the edge off.  it is medicinal folks and I do allow Owner to partake especially on days like this.  AND, I goes up, there is that Banished on tonight which Christophe Evans on good Radio 2 has been talking up and EVEN talking to the writer, Jimmy McGovern (sorry if you are NOT him).  And he has said that all they had (the British convicts who all fell out onto the Aussie beach rather like they do today....) all they had was their bodies (the ladies) their strength (the men) and LOTS OF BASIC NEEDS.  What, I wondered up, has changed? eh? eh??  And that's Australia for you, but luckily it had a good race of people already carving out some culture and history....... 
Now before we are glued to the increasingly strange ways of Banished (they murdered the Blacksmith last week AND got put on meagre rations) there is Masterchef, surely the epitome (Owner says after the day she has had we MUST use this word) of civilisation and snobbery, which of course we love.  Other than this, I must try to cheer Owner on by NOT looking at Bertie Bubb which is easy when he is in the land of wardrobe upstairs and NOT scratch Owner by mistake (by dreaming she is a Viking. NO).  tomorrow will be a better day and we look forward.  Until then, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it, and watch out for that eclipse!! Big Love Wonka x