Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Disco Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Three times Owner says she dropped off last night and each time (she says) Bertie and me woke her up.  All I can say in my defence was, I possibly did go round and have a look at Bertie and is it my fault if he then goes into some over the top growling and hissing??  Furthermore (like it) is it my fault if Bertie kept growling for approx. 20 mins after that??  eh??  PACK IT UP! shouted Owner and this stopped me BUT Bertie, who was NOT told off, carried on growling.  I ask you. x

Disco dancing para.  Now what, you all shout up, is Owner up to?  Today Wonka, she reports to me when she skips back in, after another good day at work, today we went dancing.  It turns out good folks out there, that some people have the kind of jobs that don't feel like jobs because they are doing what they love!!! All the people at the centre went off to enjoy their morning dancing, and Owner, who normally WOULD NOT dance to that YMCA one OR that agado do do one, did so.  the only downside to this folks is having either tune on the brain for the rest of the day but she hasn't sung it yet.  I love it.

Dance the morning away para.  For our little cartoon I have let Owner choose and it is this:
There we are!!   and  that is Bertie bubb to the left and Rugglestop to the right; because Owner has had TWO nice days in a row she said IT MUST BE PASSED ON!!  so from us to you!  have a nice day too!! We love them x
Final disco disco para.  There is another fave pastime for the folk Owner is working with and it is Guess what?  NO that is not it, it is bingo.  And Owner says she took on the role of Caller.  When she was little, a million years ago ONLY JOKING, she called it Housey Housey and it was always played at Christmas and holidays.  Once Owner starts on these 'when I was little' stories, I usually drop off zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzOH!
Small and minute political news of the day sentence.  All we noticed was a small discussion at work about who to vote for. now.  and a party political broadcast by the Labour party who do know who to vote for.  THERE IS NO CHOICE they droned to us.
Last night we made it through Enders just about.  Cat went on a rampage thingy that involved burning a mattress and some money and Owner says that storyline is ridiculous.  I thought that was quite a mild criticism coming from Owner, who had to turn it off the other night because she could not stand the actress.  NO it was not Stacee.  In Corrie, we love them all and we especially like the allotment and the carrots.  Tracee is now revving up to a kingsize troublemaking episode and we love it.  I have promised on my best mousey and toy NOT to start up with Bertie smack on bedtime, and during all supervised contact with Rug NOT to look at him overmuch.  End of.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x