Saturday, 28 March 2015

Dreamy Satdee

Wonka here.  Owner reports drifting through the day in a sort of dream.  Straightaway I checked the shopping.  Lots of it.  There were fresh supplies of my cat food TICK, more supplies for Bertie, OH I spose TICK, more of those dreamies (aha! or oho), and also a bag of best concrete aka luxury litter.TICK Then folks!  Klaxon sounds!  ALERT.... What is this then? I challenged Owner when I saw it.  Folks she has only gone and bought a light up Easter Chick.  it flashes all colours and will annoy me no end, and this is her feeble explanation (quote) I just saw them as I was drifting past Wonka and was torn between the light up chick and the light up bunny.  AND? I says up in that new and modern ultra annoying way....I compromised Wonka and got some of those dangly bunny ears on a headband.  OH YES I says, because we really need them!!! But she didn't hear me folks above dreaming herself out back with some rubbish to recycle.  I love it.

Dreamy old para.  Here follows an example of what those bunny ears will look like come Easter weekend:
There we are!!  You all remember how Owner MUST dress up Maximillian snow Lep in the bay well there he is with those red danglies on (red nose day soon to wash up in the U S of A) and I have to jump over this on my travels along the window sill...and soon he will be wearing those bunny ears and nearby will be a light up chick.  I ask you.  I expect most folks think we are running a nursery in here instead of it being a respectable home full of felines plus Owner.  I love it. x
Small in fact negligible (I am never using that word again too many Gs in it.) news item.  Owner thinks she heard it on the news that if Dave and his party plus whoever has to shore them up gets back in, he will do something, but for the life of her she cannot recall what.  I put this down to age and dreaminess and luckily she didn't see me put that.  I love her. lots. x
Final dream ridden para.  We all have dreams and most of ours are in the Wishing Well waiting our turn.  Today, Owner drifted round to see aged sibling and aged parent.  I have solved the mystery of the travel rug, she reports to me, yawning, so I had to make her say it twice.  OH YES I goes, fairly interested as I was feeling a mite peckish.  I SAW IT ON ANOTHER RESIDENT she tells me up.  I mean I thought this was what travel rugs did, turn up on different folk and then disappear for a short while and then reappear on your bed??? eh?? 
Now tonight we are hugging tightly to The Voice which is now up to the SEMIS.  There are 12 good singers in it to win it, and our money is on Emmanuel who has a voice like dark chocolate plus we do love Lucy who trills opera.  After that we can dream our way through Casualtee and having seen the trailer we are looking forward.  Doc Zoe can be relied on to DO RIGHT.  Last night, and I am putting this down to full on tiredness, everyone got on Owner's nerve.  Especially this woman who was paying thousands of pounds to have her flat done up, followed by an annoying person in Enders.  We had to switch over.  and then switch back (it was the annoying rich woman)  tonight I have high hopes of sitting back and relaxing.  Bertie Bubb has confused us by staying upstairs when he usually comes downstairs and vice versa.  Rug is true to form and so is gingertop.  Now do enjoy your eves out there in the Wold and go steady good folks, wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x