Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Fast and Furious Tuesday

Wonka here.   HALLO it is full of sunshine here and nice to wake up to the light and a sunny filled room.  What else you all mumble up is going on to report. a few dreams that Owner keeps on having and it is of her old hairdresser this time, that she has not seen for many a good year.  Why, you all wonder up, dream of him now?  Indeed, except to remind you that Owner amongst a great many other things is obsessed with her hair, and hair does mean (according to her good dream book) a few things LIKE having your hair cut means a new venture stroke project! OOH it is all sounding good, folks out there full of worry about Owner and her fortunes (or lack of them).  Even better she has decided that the old ship wreck, also in her dream, was of a ship with sails on it, rising up from the sea! Was the sea all calm and such like I quizzed up full of interest (spot on breakfast time)?  It was a beauty blue and the sun was beaming down, she reports up.  This, is the best bit folks, as that ship, is full of Owner's lost treasures rising up once more.  And to round it off?!!  Owner is pinning it all down to 20 years ago, as this is when the hairdresser started to cut her hair.  In sum, something from Owner's life around 20 years' ago is about to bear fruit and I will wash my paws and everything if it doesn't come to pass!  I love it.

Fast and furious para:  hallo?  what is all that about then you all gasp up, just about recovering from Owner's revelation.  First thing does the good agency ring.  Owner was still coming to terms with a new day and the cold that has clung on for a good month surely.  sneeze sneeze blow nose sneeze....BBBBRRRRRNNNNGGG.  The first time she left it the second time she answers it and says NO I cannot do a day's work.  The second time it rings it is Owner's best consultant begging for help. Alright goes Owner, I will try to change my appointment. There then followed a game of can you change the appt, NO, sorry I cannot get the appt changed, then, OH YES I can change the appt, OH I can work for you after all, then SORRY Someone else is doing it now.  WHAT you all wonder up happened next.  Owner is not working after all and the appt, which is her new and beloved hair rescuer had to turn up right on teatime.  And cope with Owner being indecisive.  Can your fortunes hurry up and change Owner so we do not have to muck about like this I said as I threw yet another coin into the wishing well.  I love it.

Fast and furious para with a new and interesting photoshoot:
There we are!  Owner has received these in the post and they are worry dollies!  WHY has she been sent them and not you is the next question.  Thanks for saying, and I have asked for some worry cats especially for Bertie who would be counting them back in the bag all day long. He even has a pillycase to put them under, as does Ruggles.   YES I have a bit of paper in my amazon box.  Owner has already put them all in the little sack and says five are not enough.  The bit of paper with them says they are Guatemalan Worry Dolls and part of a legend there for the children to place their dolls (worries) under the pillow and in the morning all the worries have been taken away.  Thank You! Guatemalia, and we love you. x
Final fast and furious para.  What has Owner done to deserve such an up and down work one minute and not the next day?  BBBBBBRRNNNGGG and it is the dread agency who will not leave Owner to her own devices.  She is now set to working tomorrow with bigger and more challenging people for a whole day.  The only thing that can save her is looking a million dollars.  I did say if you start the transformation now Owner you could just do it, but she didn't hear me above going through her entire wardrobe.  I love it.  Now last night we were not disappointed with Corrie as the whole wedding fiasco fell to pieces with the real Michael's son Gavin or Tracy or someone, telling Gail all.  she was late to the alter and Michael told her IT WAS NOT ON.  tonight we are stuck with Enders and the never ending story of any of them really.  Dead people keep coming back as alive, or the other way round, and then it is Holbee.  Once more we are clinging to dead and alive people and some of them are arrested for killing patients or falling in love with the wrong one, or falling and dying and them coming back to life again.  Talking of love, Owner is still on the right side of it, Rug is in love with my catnip fish that swam into the kitchen and Bertie is dreaming in the Land of Wardrobe.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x