Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Forecast Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Just to keep you all ON YOUR TOES, here follows a forecast.

There we are!!  It was a BBBRRR start with lots of frost when Owner peeked out of the bedroom window first thing.  What time? you all wonder up, was that then? BECAUSE there was nothing or De Rien as I like to say to get up for, Owner wakes up at 5 to 6.  yes.  The good news about that was it did go very sunny as per forecast and we think, the entire country had some sun!  We love it.
Freshly forecast para.  Just think Owner, I says to spur her on, of all the EXTRA jobs you can fit in with all the spare time..... LIKE? she says in that old and annoying way... like giving Bertie bubb a good brush as he is moulting all over your trouser legs I proffered up (what a word! eh? eh!).  I have to give Owner ten out of ten because she did indeed 1.  locate bubb (land of Wardrobe) and 2.  entice him out with best sheba so she could GO AT IT.  I did not suggest getting the monster out though to then circle the floor and all those cat hairs NONE of which are mine.  In between all of this, Owner found time to ready our new story Duffel Again!  I have inspected it TICK, I have done a small Foreward to it TICK and we have high hopes for tomorrow..... I love it.
Our forecast ahoy para.  For tomorrow we are forecasting thus: (list) 1.  ~a sharp frost followed by a bit of cloud and rain and maybe snow (up North etc) 2. the funeral of Richard III at Leicester Cathedral.  Owner says I can't forecast that as it is happening.  SO instead of that I am forecasting a phone call to Owner from the good agency offering her work where she cannot go, or want to go. (that is very likely she says up) 3. something happening out of the blue (Owner says I am hedging my bets with that one.  like with the car with no name not starting and today did the good printer stall and REFUSE to print out.)  BUT I says, it could always be a NICE out of the blue thing.  For once.  I love it this forecasting thing.....there's Mr Clarkson who used to front up a nice car show, well NOT ANYMORE and that nice Zane from all directions (band) NOT ANYMORE.  Will there be a third not anymore I wonder up.........
Miniscule news items of worth. Not much to talk up here excepting Dave who heads up the Tories said NO THIRD TERM.  and no one is really interested says Owner, in any of his terms.  End of.
Final forecasting para.  Has Owner gone off her hair yet you all wonder up and possibly this is the news item you are wishing for.  Happily (for me) she is still LEAVING IT ALONE and not in a state of despair.  I do, as you know, a regular spot check on the shopping and there is no hair product today.  There was a hideous top and joggers that I said to Owner were you in a dream when you purchased them?  Luckily she didn't hear me above putting some rubbish out back.  Now tonight we are clinging to Corrie X 1 and Masterchef.  It says they are putting some keen cooks through it.  Over in Corrie, Steve is still taking tablets and receiving millions of support from all whilst Gail may need some (tablets).   With Owner on mild to slightly irritable setting, (I blame the maze like supermarket that is number one on our hit list) I can only try for a pleasant eve with no random scratching or chasing. No.  So do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x