Friday, 13 March 2015

Fridee the Thirteenth

Wonka here.  YES it is also a thing called Red Nose Day here in this humble neck of the woods which is all about raising money by being funny (for folk in need. here and in Africa. x).  Owner had a small badge the size of a five pee coin on, that for the life of me I would not have noticed AND she nearly lost the back of it first thing.  Maximillian who is a snow leopard who lives on the window sill in the bay, he had a pair of those red ball things on an alice band.  I have to jump over him when I see Owner parking up in the car with no name, and I tell you it was nearly a leap too far today.  Fridee the thirteenth is said to be unlucky and as far as Owner is concerned IT WAS NOT THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE she droned to me.  Me?  thanks for asking, spent a quiet little ol day cuddled up to the few remaining scraps of paper in the box dreaming of zzzzzzzzzzzzz OH sorry, nearly dropped back off.  I love it.

Small para at the risk of tripping or falling over it.  There is a nice cartoon though and here it is:
There we are! do you remember Owner had a fab dream at the start of the week, full of promise and nice shiny new ventures possibly built on past events????  Well??? I have made Owner pop this on to inspire her after a rather lonely old day.  I COULD NOT she droned to me, PUT A FOOT RIGHT.  Even the little people it seems, observed (quote) 'you always wear the same things teacher' Now you know as well as I do, the mammoth effort Owner puts into her wardrobe taking into account that she will be freezing outside whilst the little people are flinging their coats off.  ~Take no notice I soothed up.  I DIDN'T she reports back, and realising it was THAT sort of a day with strange happenings, such as other teachers falling out with someone but it is all a big secret who it is.  I DID NOT, continued Owner, GET INVOLVED.  Well done!  I gasped up, full of admiration as Owner is not usually so tactful.  Meaning?  she quizzed me back... Meaning, I says, quick as you like it being smack on tea time, that given the weekend you will figure it out for Mundee.   And she will too.  Owner is like a cat with a mousey when it comes to detective work. I love it. x
Final discrete and careful para it being Fridee the thirteenth.  The tv tonight is saturated (like it) with comic relief BUT Owner will insist on Corrie X 2 and the continuing saga of Owen's ex who wants to take Katee, the daughter she has only just re hooked up with, to the far side of the moon aka Portugal. (sorry Portugal) PLUS there is the story of Gail and Michael.  but the most thrilling story of all is on  the shoulders of Tracee who could dibb (is this a word says Owner but I says it is now) Tony in anytime and then Liz will know she has been TWO TIMED.  We did watch Banished last night, and now we understand why all those sorry folk were shuffled off to Australia.  We can just about cope with them all on our telly for an hour.  (sorry Australia. and especially the west side we think.  we are to blame in the first place for sending the least likeable folk to start you off.x)  the weekend is here hip hip goes Owner, and Ruggles is safely in after popping out this morn and having to wait all day to get back in.  Bertie is even now nestled in the Narnia cupboard and has been out for the usual.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x