Monday, 2 March 2015

It's Alright now Mundee

Wonka here.  Owner pulls up and parks near on perfectly despite cars to the front and cars to the back. WELL DONE Owner I mouthed through the bay window at the front.  I know when Owner is approaching, and maybe I can hear her praying to the god of Parking for a nice spot as she crawls up the street, or maybe I know the sound of the engine.  It is not, I can reassure you, hearing her saying things as she drifts past.  In any case we could not repeat it here.  And the second she parked up, as I say reversing nicely into the space, did a full on snow storm come out of nowhere!!  it was a good flurry of snow that thanks to that icy wind, was blowing horizontally!  No wonder she fell in the good front door folks, saying THANK GOODNESS!  and OH HOW WARM!  I can't complain at these sauna conditions, and the meter reader has left us another card as he couldn't get in to read our meters.   You know how I have tried to get Owner to economise but her fave saying is (quote)  LIFE IS HARD ENOUGH Wonka, without being freezing along with it. I love it.

It's alright now para.  WHAT you all wonder up is all this alright business?  it turns out that Owner who is full of the second coming of the cold and is fully in the grip of repeat sneezing, running nose, funny throat and being cold when all else are boiling, well all that to one side, her day went a lot better that she had thought.  HOW SO? I enquired, seeing as I needed topping up with more best as it looks......Well, she goes, everyone seemed nicer and more caring OH and one of the little people said hallo and at the end of the day said goodbye and that he loved me.  NOW how can anyone not be cheered up by that?  eh? eh?  I love it.

Alright now para and best cartoon.  Last Mundee, Owner had just begun with these new little people and reported how freezing she was.....

There we are!! Owner with just two little people in the play area......she said although it was icy cold today it didn't seem so bad and now she has invented the beanbag game...........I love it x

Final alright now para.  For tea Owner droned to me, and I did try to listen up but I was concentrating on whether Bertie was still lurking in the Narnia cupboard OR had escaped upstairs to the land of wardrobe.  He was not there.....YES?  I goes all interested....I AM HAVING CURRY.  Every so often Owner goes mad and gets a curry and this is the night.  She said she suddenly wanted those crispy things to go with it but couldn't make the extra excursion.  by then I had started to drift off....zzzzzzzzz OH.. now tonight we are glued to Corrie X 2 and all the shenanigans (like it) of Tracee who is now barred from the Rovers pub,  This can only mean Trouble and it is Tony who is in for it.  We mustn't forget her track record of murdering and such like.  Over in Enders, we are still bewitched and bewildered by Dot's refusal of bail and whether Nick is really dead this time.  We think he could easily win a back from the dead competition.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x