Tuesday, 3 March 2015

It's Not Alright Tuesdee

Wonka here.  NOW WHAT?  you all shout up.  it all went downhill folks, and that's not just the car with no name trailing in a long queue of traffic this morn behind a tractor.  LOTS was said within the safety of the car and the bits we can report up are WHY TAKE YOUR TRACTOR OUT ON THE MAIN ROAD at rush hour......and the worst of it was this (list) 1.  with no time to spare, Owner suddenly went into full on ugly and fat mode and did not like her outfit. 2.  having changed this twice she ended up in the same top she began with 3.  her hair which has settled into a style of sorts (sorry Owner!!) picked today to go funny and 4.  she lost her voice in the night (I did look under the bed but couldn't find it and my money is on Bertie Bubb).  There is another and it is 5.  So she was late anyway and that silly old tractor made it worse.  There is not much to love about this morning but I still LOVE IT.

More not alright para.  THEN when she tips out at the other end, and is late with no voice and feeling extremely ugly by then, NO ONE says how are you?  OH you've lost your voice  and NEVER MIND you are late!  None of this happened and Owner sank further into her gloom.  A trip to the Dentist in the afternoon could have sent her straight into why am I bothering setting, but luckily he is possessed of a patience unbeknownst to most of us, and Owner admits she is spellbound by him. WHY? I goes up in that old and annoying way.  She cannot say why, except that she is.  And the day got a bit better after that and improved with a call to daughter.  I SAID what I thought of it all, goes Owner and I was listening up in between perching on the side ready for a huge teatime.  I love it.

Bit better now para.  For our cartoon stroke photoshoot today Owner made a few suggestions and I am having this one of me.
There I am!  and look at my whiskers!  they look amazing and I love them so much.  to my left is a good cartoon of me framed of course and just to the side of that, is Tinkerbelle, the little wooden cat carved by Owner's dearly beloved Father who is now in wood carving heaven.  We love him. x
Final alrightish para.  Seeing as how today has been a bit on the rubbish side with Owner's voice and all, I have been busy being good.  YES ME!!  I gave Owner a giant cuddle when she fell back in and ate all my tea up instead of leaving most of it and demanding a fresh one.  Furthermore I have played paw under the door with Ruggles and not once chased Bertie. Not while Owner was watching.  there is a Full Moon which Owner croaked to me was in Virgo.  OH YES I says all interested as my luxury tray might need refreshing. YES she says up, and even better than this, the good planet of communications which is Mercury is finally going fully forward.  Tmro is all to play for.  Now tonight we may cling to Enders and Shazzer who is turning into a Godmother sort of thing whilst Fil is 'away'.  Already lined up is a dysfunctional family to rival Mick's of the Vics.  Then it is Holbee and a load of mixed up Doctors to heal and cure some people.  This should keep Owner upbeat and ready to forget the worst bits of the day.  So, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x