Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Misty Grey Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Will this horrid Weather ever shift moans up Owner, who had a lovely night's sleep with dreams of getting ready for a date.  As far as I know (nearly everything) this is NOT happening in real life but who am I etc...WHAT? you all wonder up, did she have on.  She reports: Wonka, I had a dress on and two bead necklaces which I only noticed by looking in a mirror and seeing I already had one on.  OH, I says up.  Then, she says lots of bracelets also in beads PLUS a blue sock.  Just the one? I queried up to show I was following this story..YES, when I looked down, it was one silvery blue sock and I thought shall I find the other, to match it Wonka......zzzzzzzzzzzz  OH! sorry, must have dropped back off there.  I had to stay awake though as one of the biscuit troughs was low on biscuits and I like them to be level with the side and almost overflowing, not just a few (20 to 30) skimming the bottom.  Just a little thing I have.  I love it.

Grey and misty para.  It was an uninviting morn, even for Rug who gazed out the back door for what seemed like hours but was actually just an hour (Owner says she was freezing and I said only you would leave the back door wide open like that. NO she didn't hear me as I whispered it from behind the door.) He finally stopped his back yard watch and resettled atop the linen basket, after a hearty breakfast and a quick game of hiss and grab (paw under the door).  Owner did not rush to the nice but failing supermarket at lunch time and instead SAT DOWN for half an hour.  This she droned to me was a BIG MISTAKE as she wanted to doze off.  Now I know all about this, as the Amazon Box effects me just the same zzzzzzzzzzzz OH! nearly and I love it.

Far from grey and misty cartoon para.  Now I have not so far mentioned Bertie and for a change I am now going to!!  here follows a little cartoon of one of his Lairs.

There we are!!  The Narnia cupboard with at least THREE little hideaway and comfy spots.  There is the Cat carrier, there is the first shelf on the right and there is a ground level pilly case.  The Wishing Well lives in there too, as does a whole range of household things.  And books.  and boots.  It is a whole new wold in there and we Love it as much as Bertie Bubb.  On the door hangs Owner's Bagpuss bag and he recently modelled a hat for us.  We love him. x

Final misty grey para.  I am rather excited today folks as guess what?  NO that is not it.  Someone who we know from that Twitter thing, is reading the #wonka books and they are in LA.  YES!  that is good LA in the U S of A folks.  I am very proud to think I am in America, and may ask for an extra helping of something.  Now also to report is that Owner DID NOT do any silly overtaking even though she was behind the slowest car in the Wold (40 mile an hour folks) coming home.  I put this down to sheer tiredness and the monkey on her shoulder telling her not to.  Last night we wandered through Enders and several odd storylines about star crossed lovers we think.  Then Holbee and the man in the bandaged mask who was very handsome until he dropped out of one of those window cleaning things several stories up.  Tonight luckily it is Corrie and then Masterchef, and Katee wasn't going to Portugal due to Chesnee and Joseph but now she is. (Corrie) and now the real son Gavin is dead Andy can be the loving son Michael always wanted, until he finds out. We love it millions.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and specially if you are a moon dog (Aussie cartoon and we love it).  Big Love Wonka x