Monday, 16 March 2015

Monkey Mundee

Wonka here.  WHAT you on about now, you all wonder up, half asleep on this good first day of the week.  it is Owner; she fell back in, all focussed and such like, and (according to her) had to trail behind very slow cars, tractors, lorry things, follow strange diversions that go on for miles and you pop out two yards from where you left the usual trek and then you are behind a very slow bus BUT she did not (list) 1.  overtake on a bend, or several cars with no clear view or both 2. get overly impatient (says) 3. mouth those words at the driver in front who can clearly see her through his mirror.  She says (quote) Wonka, all day it was as if I had a monkey on my shoulder, telling me to behave differently!  LIKE? I goes back, thinking all the time about my tea time which was nigh.... Like NOT being so friendly and caring.  to the staff.  OH, I goes, all interested now.  And? I says up in that new and annoying way.  I kept myself to myself, she reports. Now this folks, does tend to keep people on their toes......  I love it! x  and I love it even more that Owner is driving sensibly for today at least.

Fresh monkiefied para.  Then she has another revelation.  According to Owner, (now) she has been thinking about her death defying overtaking yesterdee and I says you would ponder it Owner as YOU COULD HAVE BEEN WIPED OUT but she didn't hear me above popping the old kettle on which is near enough as noisy as the new one that conked out (the purple one that she adored.  I said purple and kettles are NOT good) anyhow she has decided that the right decision was made (to foolishly overtake 5 cars) BUT where it went wrong was that the Red Car, should have let her back in.  OH I goes, with my head in rather a nice saucer of good as you like.  I can only hope the other 4 to 5 cars saw it that way too..... (your honour).  Now other news is as follows:  Owner says she is fed up with being paid peanuts (does this tie in with Monkeys I says....) and wants to now do what she is good at.  Which is?  I says in the increasingly annoying way.  I must now Life Coach she shouted at me.  And she only shouted because she has been with the little people all day and they have to be spoken to loudly if you are to get their attention at all.  I love it.

Tiny Monkey para.  For today's good cartoon we are finally reviewing another film:
There we are!  Finally our review of this relentlessly relentless film. ( Out of The furnace),  Meaning?  If you watch it you will know.  We loved it. x
Final Monkey business para.  Is it all in the stars you all gasp up, possibly having a change of heart or mind or both yourselves, and Owner reckons it is.  With one planet square to another or something very like it. (sorry planets and specially Saturn).  it is time folks, to kick ass as they say in the U S of A and Owner says I can use that word it is alright just this once.  I said is that what I am doing with Bertie but I mumbled it so quickly Owner thought I said I quite like Bertie and gave me a cuddle.  Ruggles is fine and going as far as the bench outside and this, for a cat that wandered the alleyways and streets for years, is further proof that Owner can change your behaviour.  if you want to change it that is.  Tonight we will be calm as you like and staring at Corrie X2 and Enders if is not usurped by footie.  In Corrie there has been a development and it is that the real son of Michael has dropped dead and the pretend son Gavin or Andy is still alive.  Tracee has not dobbed Tony in as yet and we still do not know if Roy Cropper has got the allotment.  I know.  Now we have encouraged a Moon dog to cuddle up to this blog and who knows he may have visited.  he is Australian too.  In view of this (get me) we may have to include small snippets of current affairs but Owner says we can do it.  Starting with this:  there is a general election coming up soon and no one is going to get in with a majority,  End of snippet.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x