Friday, 27 March 2015

Out of the Blue Fridee!

Wonka here.  BBBRRRRRNNNGGG it goes and guess what?  YES that is right first time!!  ~the good consultant to offer Owner some work and save us from starvedom.  I was worrying about my future stocks of food and as you know Owner can be a little bit come day go day about our finances.  OH she says, IT WILL ALL SHAKE down.  personally I prefer more substance and more planning especially around income.  Bertie and Rug are both demanding topping up now, and I do like a good range of troughs to dip into to.   Where was I??  OH YES, so it turns out that a new school full of young people going on 50 and 60 need helping out JUST FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS.  After a full on mulling period of several seconds (it must have seemed like weeks to the poor consultant dangling on the other end AND it transpires - like it - that there was NO ONE ELSE available.  Just Owner out of the 500 other workers.  I say.)  I love it.

Out of the blue para and good cartoon.  alongside this out of the blue and confidence boosting experience, we must have a completely unnecessary cartoon up.!!
There we are!!!  WHY you all shout up at me, are we looking at the Hex Factor Judges and 'a typical audition' because here we have the THIRD leaving of the week which we were expecting and it is good Dermot O Leary who no longer will front this all purpose all singing all something else show.  Did we see it coming??  Owner thought he looked a bit show weary but who, yes who can take his place???  We will report it up as soon as we know!! I love it.  and I love Dermot too. x
Final out of the blue para.  When Owner strolls back in, all happy and trim, I did wonder if that bang on the head was still having some effect but it turns out she enjoyed herself at the school.  WONDERS!  I mean the good wishing well is working overtime with all our wishes, but it certainly got moving on the work front.  IT WAS LOVELY she goes to me, and the Class all got on with it.  She even had some help AND an induction.  This makes a change she tells me, to having a bit of paper thrust at you and bob's your uncle or father or cousin. And to round off this success she has been offered and accepted (knock me down) work for the holidees in a nice place.  Bliss.x
Miniscule news item.  Dave and Mr Ed had some sort of TV debate last night with Jez Paxman.  Dave droned a little bit on zero hours contracts and food banks but I had to turn it over to Banished as Owner started to shout at the screen.  My understanding is that Dave had a slight edge and this can only be due to Mr Ed's dourness and overall intensity.  (OOER) I thought wotsisname would be there but he wasn't. x
If we can now go onto have a pleasant out of the blue evening I won't complain.  YES, I've been in to look at Rug and been told off and YES I herded Bertie into the land of Wardrobe this morn.  Corrie has been kicked into touch by some footie. WOE so we must stick with Enders and the never ending story of Shazzer's genes, and then Masterchef.  Owner looked drop dead gorgeous today and is still in love with her hair.  If this keeps up who knows what could happen?  eh? EH?  Now the good weekend is here and Easter is nearly upon us, so do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x