Saturday, 21 March 2015

Poetic Satdee

Wonka here.  I expect you are all on the edges of your easy chairs and settees (or the beach??) waiting for a poem??  eh??  Owner says she found an old Poem that has never seen the light of day and is all about me.  Naturally I want this uploaded NOW. 

There we are!!  OH she says, I wrote that four years ago!!  blow me down if Owner isn't right for a change...(from behind the door folks!)  What a poem though and Purfect for today don't you all think?? and tomorrow there will be a back to normal cartoon all about me.  What a treat in store... I love it. x
Rest of poetic para.  Today has washed by in a sort of a dream really but then Shakespeare did say it is but a dream within a dream zzzzzzzzzzzzOH or something very like that.  and sorry William if we have misquoted you like the rest of the known Wold.  Now something has cheered Owner up.  No! more than one thing so, LIST: 1.  She noticed that since sending encouragement to the Moon God aka Dog in Banished land (Australia) we have inherited some followers from that good country.  I have an Aunt there, she droned to me.  OH YES, I goes all interested with it being bang on tea time.  BUT We don't speak.  This folks, just about sums Owner's family up.  It is Dysfunctional with a capital D. and there will be more on this later.  but for now 2.  following a phone call with one of her Fab Four Friends, a holiday has been suggested and must be looked into.  It might fall in July.  This is fairly exciting AS LONG as my Aunty can do the honours.  AND our beloved cat sitter.  There is Ruggles now on the inside instead of darting around outside.  A stranger would think he had been reared in this home.  yes.  I love it.
Short and sweet non poetic but news ridden para: only for those poor Australians who may need a bit of fact to wash down their diary with.  The Lib Dem Party that has shored up the Tories for what seems like forever but can only be a few years WILL NOT DO THIS AGAIN.  Instead they will reinvent themselves as the party they once said they were and hope to goodness someone votes for it.  Me?  thanks for asking, I am considering who to vote for and so is Owner, without losing the will to live. x
Final poetic para.  Tonight we are cuddling up to The Voice and possibly shouting at it.  We are supporting (for now) a chappie called Vikesh who has no friend or family (last time) but DOES have Willyam and there is Lucy OByrne or something close to it.  If we feel handy and we do, it is followed by Casualtee and WE PRAY there is no open heart surgery whilst Owner has her supper.  she is on good mood setting and I aim to keep it that way folks, and I have NOT forgotten about the hair colour dilemma which is nearly resolved (OOH).  So for now, do have a poetic evening like us, and DO go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x