Sunday, 29 March 2015

Slumber in Sundee

Wonka here.  You all know good folks out there possibly still slumbering, how I do love a few extra zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz BUT I had begun to worry over Owner this good morn (I was close on starving) as to WHEN she was going to wake up???  it had all the look of a sleeping beauty tale except for (list) 1.  the beauty bit oh alright she is beautiful to me AND a few others who need their eyesight checking ONLY JOKING) 2. it is a slight exaggeration even for me to say it was a hundred years... 3. she wasn't sewing anything last thing. 4.  ~We pray there is NOT a bad fairy lurking....actually there might be and it is alive and well in a Diva story to follow later in the year.  I love it.x

Slept in para.  When she finally goes OH I'D BETTER GET UP she gasped when she saw the time.  And that was the REAL time not yesterday's time.  I give myself 10 out of 10 for waiting patiently for the troughs to be refilled and for my overflowing saucer of IAMs plus gravy.  I've rather taken to this after what seems like years of clinging to good as you like. yes.  Bertie gave us all a start in the night as he clung onto the coverlet and WOULD NOT LET GO. Owner knew he was having a hitch with his claws BUT how was I supposed to know this? eh?  It all settled back down what seemed like hours later and I don't know what all the fuss was about.  And Bertie has now stopped hissing.  I love it.

Small and sleepy cartoon para.


There we are!  that is all of us adjusting the time last night so we didn't wake up and think OH that is not what Sir Terry said the time was on good Radio 2.  we love Sir Tel, and we love him even more as today he read out Owner's tweet about this Fab singer called John Owen Jones (we think and sorry if that is not you x)  we love it.....

Minute news item borrowed from our fave sundee papers (The Observer): 'Election is on a knife edge, Cameron (Dave to you and me) tells party activists'.  Owner specially likes this headline as she says (quote) it's got an active go get em feel to it with the mention of knives AND it is a wide open election with NO CLEAR WINNERS.  personally I would vote for that nice green party now we have located them on Twitter, as they seem to care about my environment and the climate and wotnot.  Just to round this item off, Owner reports a 'slight altercation' at the check out (the one that likes to help you) when she produced a well worn voucher for money off The Guardian OR the Observer.  That's not the Guardian goes the check out lady.....YES she got her tiny discount and had the same thing over a voucher off for 'any quorn' product.  According to the check out lady, Owner had bought neither paper nor quorn and guess who won out.  Of course she did!  And I love it.

Final hour forward to blame para.  When Owner parked back up from that fractious shopping trip she did a few necessary jobs like feeding me and giving me a giant cuddle AND THEN, (sound of warning bells and klaxons) noticed some bollards in the street and a parking notice.  The car with no name was now hemmed in by these said bollards.  I cannot put here in this good diary word for word what Owner said and I can only hope the new and old neighbours across the way cannot lip read.  There is a restriction of FOUR CAR SPACES so that a removal van (the size of an articulated truck?  eh?) can park up nicely in the morning.  Needless to mention here, Owner has not moved the car with no name (I am not getting up at the crack of dawn to move it Wonka. 7 am that is.  RIGHTO I goes back it being smack on tea time.)  Aside from this one (two counting the check out and three counting the other maze like supermarket which had the monster near the aisles.  That one Owner cannot abide.) a pleasant day wandered on by us.  The good week is peeking up at us too, and with a nice Easter break, what could possibly go wrong.  YES everything, so I have already thrown a coin in the well as a precaution (like it) Do go steady good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x