Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar Eclipsed Fridee!

Wonka here.  Would you believe it folks but Owner did see the partial eclipse!  With a crowd of little people!  I THOUGHT, I said wisely to Owner, you were NOT to look at the sun directly.  When? she goes up, did I ever listen to that kind of advice??? Hopefully folks she will not go blind in the next 24 hours.  It was she says up to me, awe inspiring  OH YES I says, all ears up.....You could see a sliver of new moon and the rest was dark.  it went dark just like they reported to us on the good radio and when it was over it went sunny and beautiful.  ALSO to round it all off, it is the first day of Spring!!!
And yes, we love it.

Eclipsed para.  Yesterday, was a disaster for Owner and she puts it all down to this good eclipse and the shadow and such like.  Today, she is full of beans and wide awake.  She was so tired last night (her story) that she fell asleep three times watching Banished (sorry Banished).  Are you sure, I piped up (like it) it wasn't the storyline.  I must say, she goes to me, this one convict seemed to take a long time going into the governor's house to drink some rum and then I dropped off for a minute and he was there again.  After the third zzzzzzzzz Owner called it a night.  This made her recall a famous afternoon nap, when she was watching a nice old film with Gene Kelly in it or someone very like him set in America and then he seemed to be in Scotland???  it turns out she fell asleep half way through the first film and woke up during the second!!!  I love it.

Freshly eclipsed para.  As a little tribute to the Little People who were all tip top today with the usual snatching, grabbing, sobbing, smiling and happy day to be had, is this drawing.

There it is!  Owner has to draw Houses for the little people PLUS flowers and especially daffodils.  there are four cats in this picture as they wanted four.  Three of them are us, (Me, Bubb and Rug) and my guess for the fourth is that Gingertop who sneaked onto the kitchen doorstep today.  Hmmm.  over to the right is a glimpse of the sea and some sand.  And up top left is a giant happy sun.  And they loved it! x
Final eclipsed para.  Owner says she got through nicely with no funny moments or silly billy overtaking.  And here's a thing, she has fallen in love with her hair.  It just shows you what a difference a day makes folks (is that a song? eh?).  The weekend beckons and Owner has already swung into Fridee night setting.  There is Corrie X 2 and Enders x 1.  Enders is in hospital at the minute and if it isn't there it is on about folks falling in love with the wrong folks.  Still no news on Roy Cropper's allotment but the hens are saved.  They live with thingy's Dad who live next door to Gail.  There is masterchef if we can find a space for it too. Now I mentioned hair earlier and the real dilemma striking Owner is this: whether to change the colour (all Owner's handiwork) via the hair rescuer, OR leave well alone.  As you all know good folks out there with gorgeous tresses, Owner never was one to do that.  Now as we said, the weekend has started here SO do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x