Sunday, 8 March 2015

Splash Sundee

Wonka here.  Slept in til the unheard of time of quarter to eight.  This meant everything was late.  My breakfast was late, Owner reading the paper from last week was late, Bertie Bubb using the facilities, was late.  This whole household relies on Owner getting up at the crack of dawn.  and guess what?  NO that is not it, Owner was mucking about in the kitchen as slow as you like and no urgency about feeding me NO, when Gingertop pops his (his?) head in the back door which is permanently open in case Ruggles wants to pop out.  He saw Owner and ran away.  I did say to Owner she can look frightening first thing in the morning but she didn't hear me above boiling the steam engine for her first cup of tea.  I love it.

Splashing away para.  What is this? you all wonder up, half asleep on your settees and comfy chairs. Owner says she is off swimming and rushed off at noon.  It only seemed like seconds before she flung back in with bags of concrete (lightweight. aka cat litter) and several bags with what looked suspiciously like hair product sticking out.  I AM FED UP she droned to me, WITH BEING SPLASHED.  It turns out that the very thing Owner hates most when she is swimming is to be splashed, full on, in the face, whilst doing her lengths.  And even worse by a gaggle of girls all giggling and SPLASHING when they are  (quote) old enough to know better Wonka!  to top it off, the mother of some of these giggling gerties was seated up above in the viewing area also giggling.  Nothing, dear folks out there all full of sympathy, is designed to enrage Owner more, than being laughed at and to further round it off, as Owner was leaving she had to fight her way past said girls and mothers, and left her bag and had to go back.  I HAVE NEVER, Owner says to me, FELT SO DAFT.  I am sure, I says back to Owner fighting off a massive giggling attack myself, that NO ONE noticed.  I love it. x

International splashing day I mean Women's Day para.  Yes it is a Day for women and I must say if it wasn't for Owner helping me out now and then, with the odd cartoon here and the odd photoshoot there, this blog would not be half as good so.........THANKYOU Owner X.  and here we are then........

Here we are then!  WHO are they?  you gasp up in admiration!!  Two very important women and it is Owner's Grandma, Madeleine holding Owner's Mum!! Kathleen Louise Byrne.  They are on a beach too and we extra love it  with no splashing in sight.. to think, I says to Owner, that baby is now your aged parent.  I KNOW, she goes back. x
Final splash it all para.  So today trip trapped by with Owner spending most of it in the bathroom with her hair product.  Luckily for me and my teatime she transformed herself with no mishaps if you don't count the butter dish.  turning round in the hanky sized kitchen only works if you give yourself a 5 minute warning and Ruggles is not sat in the miniscule gangway.  End of.  tonight we can clutch on to the LAST call the midwifey.  hankies at the ready and then, then there is a new series of something that used to be on a million years ago called Poldark.  It can only be an improvement on Banished says Owner and told me we must give it a try.  she is a bit excited as she is NOT working tomro and may get up a bit later.  but not too late.  No.  The good week is nearly upon us, and the good news is that Owner's cold is now down to about 10 sneezes a day and 20 nose blowings.  The voice is back in action and used last night to shout at the same when Rita Bora put the wrong singers through and not the Mac brothers. (who we love).  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x