Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Story Day Wednesdee

Wonka here.  guess what?  YES you clever old folks out there, that was right first time.  Owner was up on time, hair went beauty including eyebrows (don't ask), I was nicely and so was Bubb and Rugg, then BBBBRRRNNNGGGG.  Oh hallo goes Owner all polite and such, and it is her good consultant to say the School has cancelled.  OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE goes Owner....secretly folks she was rejoicing.  it meant (list) 1.  she could stop fretting about controlling uncontrollable medium sized people and some of them larger than her 2. she could instead watch the rest of The Budapest Hotel *(review will follow) 3. generally relax 4.  FINISH OUR EASTER STORY 5. maybe go out. 6. maybe buy a non essential.  so although she is FED UP with this now you are now you are not business, she has had some precious time.  Which, she droned to me, you cannot buy Wonka ! I love it.

Storified para.  Folks, the first draft is now complete.  Our new Duffel story especially for Easter is nigh!!  it is set right here at the seaside, and you will love it.  Owner has even finished all the illustrations.  Due to this, I have let Owner off with her latest purchases of swimwear.  Yes.  if all goes to plan and Owner goes steady this will be available on in the next couple of weeks.  and to celebrate this we must have a little cartoon for you.
There we are! Owner's first sketches of Duffel and Sam, the legend who used to be Owner's dog in real life.  You may remember that Owner's Dad used to tell her and her brother stories about Duffel when they were children. The Duffel stories are the result! brought to life, for Easter.  We love it and hope you will too. x
Final storified para.  so today has been a nice dreamy day until Owner sped off to the shops fitting in a visit to aged sibling.  I had to shout above the hoover, she goes to me on her return, and he kept asking me about my haircut.  What I says, to say he liked it?  he kept asking when I had it cut, she goes.  Now if you are expecting a compliment folks you do not visit aged sibling as he is prone to stick to facts only.  Luckily Owner is so happy with her haircut that you could say to her face you hated it and she would not blink.  I love it.  Bertie is even now in the Narnia cupboard and has popped out to mangez (hallo France!) and use the facilities.  Rug has been out, as far as under the bench out back and is now settled in the warm.  It is hard to take in that only a few months ago he was a hobo free and wild.  That's Owner for you.  She would domesticate anything.  Now tomro she is back with the little people UNLESS that is cancelled too, so we are in for a pleasant eve what with Corrie and the double dealing real Michael's son not to mention Gavin stroke Andy who is in deep trouble.  Enders has sprung up on the wrong night and this may set Owner back BUT there is Masterchef on at the new and annoying time of 7 30 pm.  it is a muddle and we love it.  do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x