Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sunny Satdee

Wonka here.  Guess what?  NO that is not it, and Owner's wrist is getting better, there is only a big bruise now and you can hardly see my scratch.  the weather forecast kept on and on and on about a WARM spell and temperatures in the mid teens and blah de blah de blah.  AND IT DID!!!! and to beat all, Owner stayed out the back long enough to spot two daffodils sprouting amongst the weeds!!!
There they are!!  Owner came in all excited babbling on about new shoots this and new buds that, and I did try and listen, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH, - that Spring cometh.  We love it.x
Sunny and warm para.  It has been a nice calm relaxing day and NO ONE has spoilt it.  Aged sibling didn't, and neither did aged parent who was in a good mood reports Owner, happy and smiling and laughing too.  And Owner didn't even mind when she had been up to aged parent's room once for a cardi, and then had to go all the miles of corridors back again for her gloves.  When she tripped back in hours later, I checked her shopping bag and blow me down, not one non essential purchase.  HUGE TICK.  is she still very ill, you all wonder up in amazement?  NO, her voice has come back from wherever it was hiding, and no one including me has scratched her today.  I love it.x
Final cheery and warm para.  What, you all say, has brought about this Buddha like attitude in Owner??  Is she in love?  if she is good folks out there, it is with a mystery man who must be (list) 1.  bursting with a fascinating personality 2.  funny ha ha  3. fascinating oh I have said that one 4. fit in the normal sense of this word and not that new and very annoying one. and 5. have a very interesting life.  If Owner lived in times of yore (oh I say) it would be like a Greek hero or maybe Roman (sorry rest of the wold). Do you think Owner, I says up, there are any heroes round here?  I live in hope she droned back to me.  I mean we can't even get a little handyman to come and sort the good back door out never mind finding a hero.  Tonight we are cuddled up to The Battles and the Voice.  This is where it is very confusing and there are two possible singers and one gets picked and the other might too.  Last week we didn't mind it and Owner hardly shouted at the telly at all.  Then there is our security blanket Casualtee and Nursey Charlie, and doc Zoe who has fallen in love with her hero, the porter.  Now do enjoy your Satdee night good folks and go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x