Sunday, 1 March 2015

Supervised Sundee

Wonka here  It is alright you can all stand easy, there are no dreams to report up.  Although, Owner did have a nap, mid morning, and I helped out with that.  HOW?  you all say in unison.  by coming alongside and prodding the settee here and there, purring loudly and eventually settling on her feet. We both went for a giant zzzzzzzzzzzzz until Owner comes to and says GOODNESS I MUST GET ON.  I have to say I was pleased to hear it as I was due a snack and was worrying that Owner might not get to the shops in time for more supplies.  I love it.

Fresh and supervised para.  WHAT NOW, you all wonder, is being supervised.  Owner had a brainwave before the nap, and it was this:  seeing as I am here, she goes to me, and folks, I could see she was there large as life!  Seeing as I am here and not on the treadmill at work, I am going to leave the good kitchen door open, so you and Ruggles can see each other.  Sometimes, I do want to question Owner's bright ideas but to be fair I have been curious to inspect Ruggles and his domain, so I said nothing.  Owner called it 'SUPERVISED CONTACT' and demanded that I behave myself.  As if!! Ruggles stayed right where he was atop the linen basket and I thought I was giving him a friendly stare until he hissed back at me.  That's funny I goes, that is what Bertie keeps doing.  So the contact was minimal (get me) and the door is now shut.  surely over a massive period of time, say 5 to 6 years, we can get on?  Owner is hopeful and I cannot spoil it so I will try harder.  Next time I'll give the tinkley ball a pat, he might like that.  I love it.

More supervision para.  Herewith then, and in keeping with all things Rugglesis is a cartoon of him.
There he is!  He is in love with that tinkley ball and bats it all round.  I have helped out by putting my paw under the door still as I think he appreciates that.  And it was me who batted the ball in for him.  Kind and generous, that's me.  We love it.x
Final supervision of the day para.  Once Owner realised she had work to do at home and supplies to capture in the shops, she got a move on.  I HAVE EVEN DONE AN OIL AND WATER CHECK she informed me when she fell back in with two tons of lightweight concrete I mean cat litter and more food for us.  YES, there were a few bits for her and she has treated herself to a packet of fruit pastilles..Are they Rowntrees you all wonder up, and YES they are we wouldn't be seen with any other kind.  it turns out that once Owner had struggled to open the bonnet on the car with no name it needed more anti freeze pronto.  AND screen clean.  The oil for some reason has kept itself level and she was very grateful for that as she didn't have any in the boot.  I WOULD HAVE HAD TO GO to that nice fix it quick garage and fall on their mercy she droned.  Now since her return we have been entranced by a new DVD, called 'Out of the furnace'.  Owner kept saying I LIKE HIM, and after she had read the blurb on the box she can safely call him Christian Bale.  We will have a small review on this in the week as it is still frozen at the scene where Christian is on a bridge and his ex girlfriend is telling him something.  How's that for a bridge hanger!!!!  Tonight, and to help Owner forget she is to face freezing conditions tomro, we are warming up with call the midwifey and those lovely Nuns headed up by Jenny Agutter, who else.  And to round off our weekend is The Casual Vacancy.   Owner reports BAD REVIEWS of this, which is probably why we love it and are faithful to it. Harry Potter we managed to live without but this we are liking up.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it, and let us all have a warm and friendly week. Big Love Wonka x