Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Try try again Tuesdee

Wonka here.  What you all say is so trying, and is it Owner?  She did bang her head on an open cupboard door NO she is not that small, it is an overhead one that you must remember it is open BEFORE you swing round OUCH!  It's all about, I says to her, moving slowly in a restricted space.....of course I said this from roughly the next stair to the upstairs landing folks, otherwise my life could have been in danger ONLY JOKING UP Owner.  We love it.

Trying para.  First thing did I have a small choking fit from behind the kitchen door whilst Owner was hard at it preparing for the morning feeding frenzy.  STOP IT Wonka! she shouts through the door at me.  I mean, good folks all concerned, I had to carry on until the end of the choke, it's not a case of stopping anything.  you must go with the choke.  Owner immediately (hard to spell but I made it) accuses me of (quote) 'attention seeking Wonka'.  And I says (quote) I don't need to seek attention, attention seeks me!'  and now I've said it (fives times and counting) I'm having it as my best in the Wold motto or STRAPLINE thingy.  I love it.

Small trying to be a cartoon para.  As per we are spoilt for choice and left up to me it would be ME, hold up....I think it is...
There we are!  and there is me and mousey.  This cartoon good folks, was part of a FULL ON Cartoon submission to an Agency that shall remain nameless but did not get back in touch. IT IS THEIR FULL ON LOSS I droned to Owner in my best soothing voice as it was smack on tea time.  As you can read for your good selves it was the third cartoon warning the agency that Owner has been writing a LONG time.   Since that first rejection, there has been a second (failed) attempt to be noticed.  How they are all missing the point of our stories I cannot say and personally, since becoming famous in LA, I say they will regret it BUT there is now a third submission down the wire.  It is not entirely random droned Owner back to me, I am TRYING to select the right one.  The red wine is at hand folks should we need it, and of course we are continuing to self publish anyway.  And the next Duffel story is nearly up on us!  We love it. x
Final try try again para.   Today was so quiet and goodly I had to listen hard for any news worth a mention.  another of those pesky politicians has been found wanting OR being fraudulent or both.  Owner had a nice visit from the Green Party, so she tells me as I fled upstairs.  How did I know it wasn't a Viking? eh??  and knowing Owner she would probably give them her TICK on polling day if it was.  They would promote themselves on their ability to command and lead etc, navigation skills, social integration (thanks Owner) I could write the pamphlet out myself.
Small update on Owner's hair.  it looks the business.  She has not messed with it, or snipped at it, or said to me WHAT IS THIS bit of HAIR DOING Wonka.  I do like our hair rescuer and to prove it I laid on his mat, and sat on the very chair Owner needed to be on. And because this went right, the rest of the day did too.  Tonight we are stuck to Enders and the continuing saga of now they are going out now they are not now they are thing.  Even Masood is confused and he is a postie.  There has been no sign of Shazzer lately or Fil or chimney sweep sons.  Then it is good Holbee and the man in the mask and teddy bear Elliot not to mention Doctor Jack and her nearly stabbed to death ex partner. (deep breaths).  YES, the agency rang Owner at the crack of dawn and she says NO, but tmro who knows.  Ruggles has been in out in out all day long and Bertie has used the facilities once.  I ask you.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x