Wednesday, 4 March 2015

~Warmer Wednesdee

Wonka here.  As Owner tottered out this good morn, loaded up with apples, chocolate, sweets, those fruit pastilles, more choc and more tissues, she did the usual.  I WILL JUST CHECK THIS she mumbled and then just as she was leaving the second time I WILL JUST ADJUST THE HEATING.  Now it was as well she did good folks out there possibly basking in warmer climes (OOOH) because what did the weather do?  yesterdee it was snowing it was icy wind it was freezing wherever you turned. but today?  did that icy wind drop and did the sun stay out and keep us all warm.  When Owner fell back in, she did look very rosy cheeked and I thought I heard her say have I got a temperature Wonka or has it gone hot?  personally I can stand it quite warm and my amazon box is pulled right up to the searing hot rad (as they call them in Essex!  sorry Essex!) but Owner immediately flung open all the windows.  it didn't help that Bertie bubb had just used the facilities.  It definitely was not me.  I love it.

Warmer para.  Today I am allowing Owner to show off with a sketch. WHY? you all wonder up.  We have a fair few cartoons stacked up but she is insisting I put this one on.  sometimes Wonka, we need to see what is on the table she droned.  SO, alongside our nice pot of daffs and our big fat Plymouth pony is the fruitbowl...  It is a special fruitbowl as Owner's daughter gave it to us one birfdee or Christmas and it has to be on show. (hallo Aunty if you are looking at this. x)  OH it has flown up there after an eternity of loading up.  There it is then with lots of little oranges and a couple of apples.  I love it. x

Final warm and cosy para.  so today has been a better warmer brighter day despite (list) 1.  Owner still has a big croaky voice.  NO it is not lost in the Narnia cupboard, 2.  Ruggles popped out this morn and did not reappear before Owner tottered off.  this could have caused a giant worry jive but didn't.  YES he is back safe as ninepence. 3.  Owner's hair could not be said to be ideal but she has managed not to look at it overmuch and not having a mirror handy helps. 4.  Driving behind a massive lorry on the way to work and it was slow but NOT as slow as the tractor. so all in all I'd say a positive day folks.  The biggest plus of all is that Owner hurtled to the nearby supermarket that is trying to compete with the others and only bought essentials.  GIANT TICK.  We may be saved from starvedom yet.  Now tonight we must cling to Corrie and the fortunes of Gail and Michael and his pretend son Gavin when the REAL son has washed back up from his hols.  Wolf Hall has finished and we miss it lots BUT we can watch the rest of our film which is called very appropriately (Owner said to use this word and it took me half an hour to spell it never again) Out of the Furnace!!!!!  Now I do hope your day was as snug as ours! Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x