Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Big Birfdee Tuesdee

Wonka here.  First up, pink elephant has stayed where he was and no sighting of any Vikings or other animals out back.  PRAISE BE goes Owner when she finally got up and peeked out.  That just means we can all settle down and rejoice and wait for the next Viking invasion.  I love it. x

Big Birfdee para and photoshoot.  When a birfdee plan comes together we love it and luckily for Owner it went without a hitch.  Flowers arrive from Aged Sibling alright I says up?  DID THEY! she goes back, and here is a little look at them..............
There we are!! Lilies and Carnations and Chrysanths goes Owner and blow me down if she didn't get Rufus Bear in the photoshoot too.  WHO IS RUFUS? you all gasp up peering through the flowers.... Rufus is one of Owner's best bears, given to her by the jolly jobcentre in Hull when she left them a million years ago and in another of her strange career wotsits.  It's best not to ask Owner any questions about it as we could all be here for hours.  She did the Rufus drawing for Aged Parent who also goes mad on teddies and no wonder Owner is a teddy bear person is it?  We love them x
Freshly made big birfdee para.  Owner managed to get through a luncheon with aged parent and sibling which in her own words, was the strangest plate of food she has ever had to eat.   IT'S BECAUSE I DON'T EAT MEAT Wonka, she tells me up, as according to her this 'throws people out'.  Personally, I think John and Gregg (Masterchef) would be rather disappointed to hear about a plate of carrots, tomatoes with strange cheese clinging on, cabbage and mash.  Owner, I said, you were brave to tackle that!  YES she says up, and John would have said THIS IS THE WORST PLATE OF FOOD EVAHHH! I hope you didn't pay for it I says to Owner, as only a fool would pay for that but she didn't hear me above saying how nice it was for the three of them to celebrate. x
Tiny infinitesimal (GET ME!) political news para.  Dave who heads up the Tories has announced his manifesto and I'm blowed if I can recall what it is and neither can Owner.  she did hear of another televised thingy with all of them on Thursday.  Are you sure Owner? I quizzed up, and blow me down the stairs if it isn't just the opposition party leaders all bellowing at each other. If there is nothing else on to amuse us we may tune in. x
Real and final Birfdee sum up.  What else you all shout up, has happened of any note?  Owner has an offer of work tmor aft and must go to Whitby.  ~All I can say is, watch out Whitby.  And second up, she has done another cartoon entry for that nice Australian competition. IT'S THE FUN Of TAKING PART Wonka, she droned to me, and you know I am her biggest fan of all folks, telling her to GO FOR IT, especially when there is a massive money prize to save us from starvedom.  I may toss a coin or two into the wishing well just to secure a winning entry.  Now tonight, there is Enders and will we ever leave the dying storyline of Stan and his overflowing family all propping up the bar in the Queen Vic? Eh? EH?  Then we can cuddle up to Holbee and that shouty Doctor Jack who is a woman and who has got back with her ex and this is one in the eye for the power mad and crazy chief of all.  Owner is on upbeat setting and me? thanks for asking, keeping a supervised eye on Ruggles and Bertie, and gingertop out back.  busy, busy, busy.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x