Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Burton Agnes Wednesdee

Wonka here.    Got up ever so slightly earlier, and it was lucky we did because did the agency ring Owner: LUCKY I WAS AWAKE she goes to me after refusing a day's work.  It's nice to be wanted Owner I says back because you know how I worry and fret about our financial sit.  that's short for situation good folks out there all thinking what the heck does he mean 'sit'.  If we were in Essex and I know we're not, they say RAD for radiator and today, Owner says if she hears that news item one more time NON DOM tax thingy she will scream.  it is short for domicile I think.  (sorry Labour party if not).   I am fed up, she droned to me, with this relentless run up to the election.  RIGHTO I went back, as I was still a bit peckish and wanted seconds.  for breakfast that was.  I love it.

Fresh and gone for a Burton para.  When Owner finally got herself looking normal enough to (list) 1.  take out the blue bin.  Because the entire street could be watching Owner must look like a model before she takes it out there. 2. her trip out to Burton Agnes Hall to meet up with Daughter and fellow ceramicist (managed to spell it thought I couldn't.) 3. just so she doesn't feel ugly and old or both.
I said Owner you look beauty, and she says Wonka you are just saying that but I promise you folks out there I am not.  No. x

Small Burton Agnes para.  Whilst Owner was gadding about, drinking coffee and looking at ceramics and wotnot I got a well earned zzzzzzzzzzzzzz plus a small game with my luxury toy:

There I am!! Even though I have had that luxury toy for a while now I still play with it!  I pounce on the little ball inside and spin it round the circuit and it never fails to make Owner smile.  I love it. and I have even let Bertie lay near it. yes.

Final Agnes Burton para.  When Owner rolls back in I did the usual bag check.  Inside a mammoth brown paper bag was the biggest Eccles cake I have ever seen.  I HAD TO says Owner in her defence, and I says don't come crying to me when you burst out in spots and put on pounds in weight but she didn't hear me above fetching the blue bin back in.  She also bought the smallest ceramic tile in the Wold (with a beetle on it.) and a glass fairy for Aged Parent's birfdee. The best thing of all was a hand made card with a cat on it.  I LIKE THAT, I goes, but will Aged Parent?  She can go funny about cats, but then as Owner says she can go funny about everything.

NO news is Good News slot - because the Labour thing about millionaires paying more tax or something similar got on Owner's nerves (sorry millionaires) we are not reporting it.

Tonight we are clinging hard to Corrie and hope Faye is friends with her baby now.  Owen has been arrested and Tracee is playing games with Tony, but Audrey is alright in the Salon with Sarah Loo.  then we can cuddle up to Masterchef before Owner battens down the hatches.  Since listening to Mr Vine on Good Radio 2 at lunchtime and his story of a dog starting a fire by turning on the gas hob, she will now treble check that Ruggles DOES NOT KNOW how to turn the cooker on.  I said he is too busy sleeping and eating to bother with that Owner and she did calm down a bit.  It hasn't spoilt my lovely day she trilled to me.  I know.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x