Friday, 10 April 2015

Busy Bee Fridee

Wonka here.  last night, after the penultimate (Owner said. end of) episode of Banished where thingy who has been near to death in nearly every single story added a bit of variety by having a go at ending his own life.  Only we are not to know if he is successful until the very last one.  I ask you; it's a wonder to me and Owner there were any convicts left to colonise anything.  So we were left dangling like him and THEN, whilst Owner had started on her first check of the evening, there was a knock at the door.  (cliffhanging end to first para...)

Busy bee para.  THEN WHAT?  you all wonder up, like me, who could be knocking on the door at 10 pm of an evening.  ~Again, like me, you probably thought it was one of those pesky Vikings having another surprise attempt to gain entry.  And as far as I could see, it had all the makings of one from my perch on the bay.  YES, goes Owner, opening the door about 2 inches (in case I fling myself out in to the wilds of the motor way stroke street..... CAN YOU, says this complete stranger, who is a big man, casually dressed.  CAN YOU OPEN THE BACK GATE as I have lost my dog.  CALLED? says Owner (I mean will this make any difference when we are murdered in our beds I said, but she didn't hear me above going to the back yard to find Ruggles).  The dog, which was of course a staffie as all Vikings have them, is called Smoky.  yes.  Did she open up the back gate to let the complete stranger Viking through?  of course she did.  (more cliff hanging....)

Brief busy bee interlude....... just to break up the tension for a moment and recall nice normal everyday things.....

There we are!!  She has shopped, visited family, RELAXED, enjoyed the sunnyshine and spent lots of time with me, bertie bubb (who frankly may not have noticed) and rugglestop who did.  And yes, I love it! x

Back to the Busy bee para.  So this complete stranger is looking for his smoky dog in the dark out the back.  Was he a Viking? as far as I'm concerned YES, heavily disguised as a man who had lost his dog.  COLLAR? goes Owner still quizzing this potentially dangerous Viking. NO he says up.  this is where I rested my paws and everything folks.....If I were a dangerous Viking trying to gain entry I would have a better story prepared.  yes.  When he left, saying his dog (Smoky) was in the next street I did tell Owner off.  it was on a par with her risky overtaking the other week.  I WON'T DO IT AGAIN she assured me, double checking the street for any more marauders.

Final busy bee para.  When Owner has not been talking to strangers she has been a complete busy bee visiting more family in the car with no name.  I HAD TO BE PATIENT she reports, when behind several cars who had forgotten where the accelerator pedal was.  RIGHT, I says back hoping for some tea time anytime soon.   Just as I was settling back nicely in my Amazen box I hear Owner in the kitchen going WHAT IS THAT BUZZING?  Not only do we have a pretend bee sticking out of the lemon geranium, we had a real bee to go with it!!!  a giant Bee according to Owner's description. she captured him in a teacup and released him out back. Ruggles was taken aback by it all and Bertie knows no different. Now tonight after all this excitement I have warned against opening the door to anyone, even if we know them.  Don't be so silly Wonka!  she goes.  There is Corrie to latch onto and Enders if we can cope with it.  Their Dad or Uncle or Brother is dying and as before can he hurry up.  Now after the good week, there is a potentially (get me) good weekend to cap it all and round it off, so do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x