Saturday, 4 April 2015

Crowded Satdee

Wonka here.  When Owner fell back in loaded up with (list) 1.  swimming gear - she reports an empty bath so no one for her to fall out with.  TICK 2. more luxury cat concrete I mean litter HUGE TICK 3.  More food for us GIANT TICK and 4. a bag of complete non essentials from that shop where all buy their undergarments from  small tick.  she goes to me WONKA IT WAS PACKED IN TOWN.  So I says of course it was packed it is Easter so all will be jumping in their cars and whizzing to the seaside.  AND NONE OF THEM CAN DRIVE she says back to me.  I love it.

Crowded para.  It turns out that Owner is in such a relaxed and calm setting she forgot it was Easter weekend and that is when folks who never drive for the entire year, get driving.  I can only pray they cannot lip read as well as their rubbish driving.  WHAT, you all shout out to me IS IN THE BAGS from that shop?? eh???  another costume that looked lovely at the front but extremely ugly (to quote Owner) at the back.  There is no point, she droned to me, in being admired ONLY from the front.  I had to agree folks and I agreed even more when I noticed the price tag.  For that amount Owner I said up, you should have a year's worth of swimming free!!!  the next item was a zip up top that did not look right.  PLUS, the zip was not a delux zip but a zip that for several goes refused to zip.  The third item not only fitted but made Owner look the biz.  One out of three and praise be to the credit card.  We love it. x

Crowded out cartoon para.  Now for your entertainment good folks all laying around and square eyed on box sets, here is a cartoon of that other night when I inadvertently (never using that word again) kept Owner awake.
There we are!  Yes that is me at the side, just peeking at Bertie and does he go off into a long series of growling.  I ask you!!  And it was only because it happened two or three times (I lost count) that Owner went funny....It is called: How not to go to sleep!  I love it.x
Final crowded out para.  last night we watched all the soaps and a film.  That is when you know it is a holiday Wonka goes Owner.  Personally I think some folks do this all the time but then where is the fun?  eh? Eh????  I have to be careful when I say things like that as it starts Owner off on a fit of 'when I was a little girl we never had this and we never had that.....zzzzzzzzzzzz OH.  Now tonight it is the Grande Finale of The Voice. we have tried and failed to be excited but will still cling onto it and vote.  WHO FOR you all say now you have woken up.  Either that warbling Lucy O Byrne OR the deeply voiced Emmanuel.  Then it is straight into Casualtee and the highjinks of the wards.  Rug has been as far as the kennel and the bench out back and last night, Owner spied a black cat darting across the motorway that doubles for our street,  We have enough on with gingertop.  Bertie is like the film we watched yesterdee, The Sleeping Beauty!  well I thought it was funny.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x