Sunday, 12 April 2015

Crying Jag Sundee

Wonka here.  Some days good folks out there all possibly laughing your heads off, Owner has a day of weeping.  WHAT FOR?  you all say up, full of concern and such like.  FOR NOTHING folks, until something comes along to start it off or keep it going.  I feel sad Wonka, she tells me up first thing and then blow me down does she think of a million things to feel sad about! NO we cannot do a list we will be all day long at it.  Me?  thanks for asking, well it means I mustn't mention Golly or Baba who are in heaven or Tinkers and the Booleys or just about anything.  I did the tiniest, weensiest snuffle of a sneeze this morning and that set her off too.  STOP IT Wonka! she tells me off, YOU ARE NOT TO HAVE A COLD!  How anything in this house and I include all those creatures you would normally peer at through a magnifying glass, could catch  a cold I do not know.  We are all basking in the heat.  And my box is but an inch away from a searing hot RAD and....I LOVE IT. x

Fresh and teary para.  Luckily Owner only had to speed to the supermarket and back again.  and park up.  Did it go off without a hitch I asked up as soon as she trudged back in laden with our new concrete aka luxury litter and other essentials.  I thought I saw someone I knew she goes, but without staring at them overlong she wasn't sure - I say no wonder they think she is glaring at them rather than staring but luckily she didn't hear me above saying about a raffle ticket.  AND I COULD WIN A CAR she tells me up.  I mean this is surely something to celebrate?  eh?  EH?  then does she watch the original version of Little Women which can only bring on more crying.  Crying when little Beth pops off and crying when Jo knocks Laurie back.  and he goes and marries Amy.  I ask you.x

Interlude para in all the crying:  and this set Owner off too.

There he is!!!  Our new hero alongside Many Clouds is Balthazar King.  If Owner has checked once for his progress she has checked ten times.  The wishing well has been visited, and really it is so reliable he should be round and about in no time.  I LOVE HIM, she says to me, and like I say, a racing pigeon is more on my level but he is rather special.  Alright I do love him too. x

Final weep away para.  Do you feel happier yet I says up, taking a special interest with it being an inch or two away from teatime.  I have also been an inch away from Ruggles, with lots of supervised contact this weekend.  NO Wonka! says Owner to me the second I look as if I am going to inspect Ruggles a little too closely.  I love it!  Now tonight we can snuggle up to Poldark and Aiden and before that is my fave film Willy Wonka and it is the proper one with Gene Wilder in it.  Surely this will cheer Owner on.  I MIGHT WATCH IT for 5 mins she tells me.

Tiny political news item.  They are all telling on each other and promising goodness knows what prior to the good election.  Owner is voting on behalf of Aged parent and knows how aged sibling will vote.  Owner still wants to vote for Nicola, Natalie and Leanne. End of.

Real total and final para.  Days like this are days for home made rice pudding and that is what Owner has gone and done.  ~Between this, Poldark and Mr Wilder we are in with a shout of being alright in this house..Bertie bubb has been sighted for two meals to-date and that Gingertop keeps flitting about the back yard.  Ruggles saw it was raining and set in for the day and wisely chose to sleep atop the linen box.  Tmro is another day I goes to soothe Owner not meaning to remind her of going back to wherever godforsaken spot the agency send her. THANK YOU Wonka she says, but she was smiling folks.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x