Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Fridee

Wonka here.  Without any further ado.
There it is!!  The light up chick!!  BUT WHAT IS ON THE CHICK'S HEAD??? that dear folks is the headband with the bunnie ears on it.  Right now the bunny ears are on Maximillian Snow Leopard and he looks the business I can tell you!  Lots of folk have noticed as they trotted past the bay.  in the side window we have light up chick going very quickly from green to yellow.  don't forget to tell them about the card and the knitted chick over the egg shouts Owner to me.  As if I haven't got enough to do!  I WILL I goes back.  I love it.
Final Easter Fridee para.  Owner has so far done very little and even managed half a film.  it is Malificent and we have saved it for now.  Owner can even say it.  yes.  For those of you who don't know it is the story of the Sleeping Beauty disguised as (quote from Owner) a vehicle for Ms Jolie.  Do we like it though??  WE LOVE IT.  Personally I cannot wait for Cinderella either.  I love Disney. end of. x
Small but important political news item.  Last night Owner said she was not going to bother with the Leader's debate which droned on for 2 HOURS.  so we did bother.  Just as well, because we are now up to scratch (like it) with ALL LEADERS.  ~there was nice and feisty Nicola for the SNPs, cool Leanne for Wales and Natalie for the Greens!! We are not going to mention Dave, Ed thingy or Farage.  NO.  ~the women outclassed them all on everything and even told Farage to STOW IT.  We love them.  And Owner says we might move to Sconny Botland so we can vote for Nicola.  I loves it.
Real final para.  This meant we had to watch Banished on catch up and this is where Owner's patient and kind setting for the week nearly fell down.  After she had been through the maze of questions and searches to find it did it freeze up.  THEN it started to play without the sound.  I had by then settled at the top of the stairs, ready good and concerned folks, to dart under the bed but suddenly!  it kicked into touch.  All the convicts are still starving and dying and taking the soldiers to task.  we cannot wait for the next episode.  Now tonight, we are stuck like glue to Corrie and young Faye is having the mystery babe, well it is to her foster Mum Anna and goodness knows what Owen will say.  In Enders, Owner is in danger of a good shout as Cat is being silly and so is Alfee.  NO ONE reports Owner, would do that (burn mattresses - Cat. pretend all is fine - Alfee)  it is only a drama I mumbled up from well behind the door, but she didn't hear me above shouting for Ruggles to come in from under the bench outback.  I do hope, like us, you have had a calm and relaxing day ( I live in hope...Only Joking Owner!!) Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x