Friday, 24 April 2015

Finally Fridee

Wonka here.  First things first.  Has Owner come round you all gasp up and say?  SORT OF.  Meaning? you all whisper up kindly and out of your genuine interest.  Meaning good folks, that she has come back to earth from Planet Miserable and is enjoying the day PLUS, she says to me, Wonka!  and I says YES Owner!  it turns out she sat and reread a whole #wonka story and loved it.  BUT I goes back to her, but you wrote it Owner....I KNOW, but I pretend it isn't me, she says back.  I love it. x

And seeing as it is Finally Fridee we are recommending it for your light weekend reading! 
It will cheer you up just like it did Owner....... (I know).

It is also, Owner's fave cover with me crouching like a tiger at the bottom and Baba gazing in that simple way of his at a butterfly.  Hankies away folks!! I love it x
Fresh finally Fridee para.  Has it been a long week OR has Owner been through the mill so it stretched itself out a bit.   thankfully the snooker is doing its job and keeping her focussed AND she can vent out all that pent up twisted rejection fever at the snooker table!!  blimey! and failing that there is always Enders to shriek at.  But blow me down if we haven't discovered we really like Cora in it.  And guess what? NO that is not it.  Because we like Cora we think she is funny and she says things to dreary do gooder Dot (handcuffed at a funeral.  I know) like YOU AND YOUR HORLICKS AND YOUR BIBLE.  Which made Owner chortle (like that word and I may use it again) no end, they have written her out!  by saying she is off to stay with Tanyeea, her daughter.  And Max has gone to ask Fil for help, and worse still the one who got conked on the head and is in hospital has revealed a new man in her life who has sprung up out of nowhere.   I realise I have gone ON AND ON about Enders and not a word about Corrie and silly David at the mercy of Killum.  He is still alive but with a punch where NO ONE will see.  And Roy is making friends with a nice lady up the allotments.  IS SHE AVAILABLE you all want to know and the answer is yes.
Tiny election fever update.  That Mr Ed has accused Dave of letting all of us down (again) and all are saying how unfair this is.  Not us being let down, but Dave being accused. 
Final finally Fridee para.  Owner turned down some work, nicely I thought, to travel half way round the Wold and back, to support a pupil.  How far will you travel?  said the nice lady on the other end, and Owner is saying unhelpful things like 'it depends' and going on about what time she would have to set out blah blah that I must have zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH dropped off for a minute and joined back in to hear her say, SORRY not today..  Which is really when the day started looking like a good day after all.  Me?  thanks for asking, I have a new cartoon of me to go on here, and so does Rug and so does Bertie Bubb.  Daughter text to say she has rescued a ferret and how lovely it is.  it will be rehomed via the good RSPCA and we love it and wish it a good ferreting home.  The weekend is upon us folks and the weather which has been searingly hot with blue skies and fluffy white clouds is now on the turn.  One minute we were roasting (rads off) and the next it is grey sky and Rads on!  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x  PS  Owner is blaming this on me but I say it is her (from behind the door and she can't hear me) but yesterday's diary went missing!  It is on now though!!! x