Thursday, 9 April 2015

Heatwave Thursdee

Wonka here.   Finally Owner has adjusted the heating, only after I said.  OH, you want to know what I said, I goes, Owner they are forecasting extremely and unseasonal warm weather (try spelling that little lot in a hurry.)  I'll turn it down a tad, she says, and instead of roasting hot rads (yes I know) it is hot rads.  To balance this out, we were allowed an upstairs window open with just the odd draft floating through.  In the main, and as you know, I am well cared for, fed on demand and spoilt rotten, but there are these odd times when I could do with MORE FRESH AIR.  I love it.

Heatwave para.  Today, in keeping with Owner's new and happy go lucky existence which to be fair can change at any moment, she has flung off out to town to shops and to the double whammy of visitings.  That is aged sibling and aged parent.  I found myself a nice cool spot which turned out to be in my Amazen box for a few zzzzzzzzzzz before she fell back in.  Bertie Bubb disturbed me once when he called down from his land of wardrobe to use the facilities and eat my left overs.  He then retired to his second best lair, the Narnia Cupboard.  Ruggles, to my knowledge, still does not know how to turn the cooker on, and was fast over on his heated pad.  You do see good folks out there, we are used to sauna like conditions and would probably all catch colds IF Owner ever plucks up courage to turn the heating off.  I love it.

Fairly hot cartoon para.  and here it is folks:
There it is!  Owner visiting the Stately Home yesterdee.  And that folks, is the statue in the driveway up to the Hall.  There were at least two more but Owner says this one was the best of the bunch as he is ON THE MOVE.  Me? thanks for asking, and I can get along without a statue although sometimes I can lay quite still like one.  I love it. x
We're having a heatwave para.   Aged parent was only sitting at a patio table in the sunshine, with several other residents, as civilised as you like.  I WAS TAKEN ABACK goes Owner, who is used to shouting at her mother in the resident's lounge.  Apparently, in the fresh air, aged parent can hear.  yes.   Was it a good visit? I asked up, it being fairly close to my teatime.  IT WAS FINE goes Owner who did most of the shouting I mean talking.  Now tonight, it is that Banished and it turns out all the convicts are there in Aussie (sorry Australia) for stealing a turnip or a piece of stale bread or a potato and really there is nothing between them and the soldiers.  We haven't got a favourite convict or soldier but are clinging onto it just about.  I haven't mentioned Enders and the annoying cat and alfee storyline never mind Fil at the garage being mean to son Ben and all else and I'm not going to.  If tmro folks is anything like today, we will be in clover.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x