Sunday, 26 April 2015

In love Sundee

Wonka here.  OH NO you all shout up as one, she hasn't has she? eh? EH?  you can all stand easy, as (list) 1.  It would have to be someone I approve of. 2.  I hardly ever approve of anyone that Owner says she likes. 3. Owner falls in love like other people fall over - all the time.  It is alright it is with a tiny person who she has met once.  IS THAT ALL?  it is called love at first sight and has nothing to do with any known reasoning.  The last time this happened, Owner was with all the little people, freezing mostly, at a Nursery miles from here, but sometimes sheltered on the inside and drawing things.  There was one little person, drones Owner, who could have asked me to skip to the moon and back, and bring back a drawing of it and I would have. OH YES. I said to show interest and prove I was listening. (nudging up to my teatime).  Well, she carried on, this is the same thing.  I just looked at her and that was it.  As it happens I have seen this tiny person and I am letting Owner off.  End of.  I love it.

Love love love para.  You can tell we are having an upbeat day, for no known reason (bit like love) than Owner got up like it.  it is sunny TICK, it is Sundee BIG TICK, and there is the snooker MASSIVE TICK.  Darling Ronnie has got himself 12 up and only needs one more frame to poor Matthew Stevens and we do feel a weensy bit sorry.  BUT someone has to win it. (sorry Matthew we really are x).  we watched 2 mins of the marathon and saw that nice Paula Radcliffe get to the finish.  And blow me down there is a repeat of it all on the telly now!  Owner says this is just 'filling in' until the next bout of snooker.  YES WE LOVE IT. xx

Love is all para with tiny cartoon: yesterdee you had gingertop and today you can have me!

There we are!  I am indeed King of the Inside folks and never mind all this silly old supervised contact with Ruggles, when I saw him today in my dining room.......yes I did get told off STOP IT NOW she shouts up!  and to be fair, I did stop and Ruggles sped yes sped into the land of kitchen.  I love it. x

Minute election catch up.  Today, when Owner whisked into town for an impulse buy that I am still coming to terms with.  How can you justify that Owner, I starts up but she didn't hear me above going on about WE ARE NOT HERE forever and YOU ARE ONLY ONE ONCE....but while we are here I says up, we mustn't starve eh? Anyhow it turns out that on her way to the shop that she is now keeping in business, she passed a shop that had transformed itself into a We love Dave shop...What you mean the Tories I said up, showing interest AND knowledge.  YES she says, the candidate for our town, well his face was plastered all over the window!  Where is Mr Ed?  where are the Greens?

Final poverty stricken but in love para.  Lucky for me, Owner remembered some food for us on the way back and we are now all of us replete (I know.  I can stand easy now, with that word).  The trouble with being in love and I assure you, when I first met Owner and Golly (in heaven.  love you Golly) I did feel a twinge or two, BUT with Owner it affects her thinking and all sorts.  Shut Up Wonka she says to me, oh tonight we are on with more snooker and then maybe the Cornwall drama with that nice Mr Ross Poldark riding along the clifftops.  tomro is rearing its head and Owner will have to come back down to planet work.  Until then, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x