Tuesday, 28 April 2015

McGill Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Folks it has gone pretty well freezing in this neck of the woods there are reports of snow and it may as well be here.  The sun is out Wonka, observed Owner when she rose up out of her pit this morn, BUT with an underlying chill.  BBBRRRR.  In spite of this, she got up and got on with the morning feeding frenzy and I only looked at Rugglestop once.  HHHSSSSS we went with each other!  I love it.

Fresh McGill ridden para.  Due to no one needing Owner to toil away with big people, medium sized people or little people, we are glued to the latest snooker.  As you have rightly guessed folk out there all possibly on that horrid treadmill OR like us, snug as you like with the tv on - me and Owner are cuddled up to our latest fave Anthony McGill from Glasgae! That is Glasgow to all else. Because Owner once lived there and had the good fortune (hmmmm) to be married to a Glaswegian once upon a time, she reckons up on all things Scottish....and has a fond regard for them. Me?  thanks for asking and here is my limited Sconny Botland knowledge (list) 1.  Irn Bru comes from there and is sugar ridden 2.  so does square sausage 3.  they invented near enough everything then emigrated and 4. that is where our fave Nicola Sturgeon lives. end of. x

More to do with McGill oh alright and Murphy cartoon para:

Small but interesting political update.  Mr Ed has been to visit and been SEEN visiting Russell Brand who is famous for lots of things and noteably encouraging young people NOT TO VOTE.  Seeing as how he has millions of followers (including us and we are not young either) on Twitter we see this as (owner said) expedient. x

Final McGill ridden para.  our new fave is four all to Mr waistcoat Murphy.  and now Ronnie is also on the table I'll be lucky to see my teatime. AND he is (snooker speak) trailing by 3 frames to 5.  He is back tmro and with any luck Owner will not get a BBBRNNNNGGG brrrnngg call.  Now what else has happened in our snooker ridden household.  Owner managed one phone call with a positive result; it was answered by a nice person called Jane and we love her. Did you take those pyjamas back that were a terrible nay horrid mistake Owner I says up.  I HAVE Wonka, she tells me up on her return.  And they were that horrid that they allowed the good assistant to refold them exactly how they were before Owner inspected them.  And bought them.  Again, I would struggle to see Owner laying in her coffin with them on.  I have begged her to be more focussed next time.  begged her.

Now tonight, we have more Enders and more strange storylines and will thingy have her babe before Kate has hers? eh? EH? if there is any movement on the baby front you will be the first folk to know we promise.  Then there is good Holby and those mixed up drug soaked Doctors and shouty nurseys all vying with each other to be the best.  Bertie Bubb has been in the Narnia cupboard all day and Rug is on the doorstep creating a massive draft.  I have been keeping an eye out for those pesky Vikings especially in the run up to the elections.  They may have changed their name (VIKIP) but I would know them anywhere.  Do go steady yourselves good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x