Monday, 13 April 2015

Pink Elephant Mundee

Wonka here.  What is all this pink elligog stuff you all want to know and here follows an early cartoon all about it............

There it is!!!  SO WHAT you all cry up.  When Owner inspected the back yard first thing and alright it was early (for us. 6 25 am. yes) she draws the curtain back and says WONKA, THE PINK ELEPHANT HAS MOVED.... I did show total interest it being smack on breakfast and I was starving, even though I had pretty well cleared up on the biscuits over night.  You know how it is.  Anyhow, yes, pink elliegog had moved from cuddling up to Baba's Buddleia pot (where little mouse boolley is buried.  I know) to mid yard.  Owner did not go hysterical, or start on about things that move in the night.  yet.....

Fresh pink elliegog para.  I know I am calling the elephant elligog.  It is also a watering can.  As soon as the feeding frenzy died down and I admit I took up most of it, Owner checked the yard.  NOTHING ELSE has changed she reports on her return.  You know what I am thinking good folks out there all enjoying peaceful and possibly boring lives...?eh? EH?  Number one on my list is those pesky Vikings and I haven't forgotten the 'I've lost my staffie dog man'. NO.  Owner is clinging to other theories.  LIKE?  I went in the fairly new and annoying way.  Like (list) 1.  The wind. To my knowledge folks, there was not a breath of wind in the night. 2. Seagulls.  As much as I like the seagulls, I cannot see them mucking about with a pink elligog which doubles as a watering can in the night. 3.  Gingertop. she or he has never shown any interest so far in the pink elligog  so why now and why in the deep of the night? 4.  Owner suspects the shed monster.......... every single biscuit was eaten up and the bowl licked clean Wonka.  How this links to the movement of the elephant from one place to another defeats me.  all my money is on the Viking OR the elephant simply took it upon itself to move.  TBC (to be continued folks - who knows it could be a visit from the fairies next and we'll make a fortune.) x

Brief political update.  Mr Ed has been busy in Manchester telling all about the policies and someone came on good Radio 2 saying it was all very nice but will how will he fund it or invest it or something very like that (sorry labour).  The other word being bandied (like that word bandied) about is AUSTERITY.  We have looked it up to be on the safe side and we still don't like it.  Owner especially. And that nice Hilary Clinton is running for President of the good US of A.  we know that is nothing to do with our little election but she has our vote.  yes.

Final pinkish elephantish para.  Other news to report up is Owner is no longer in the throes (like it, impressed myself there) of a crying jag.  EVEN though we spent a fitful night, alright just Owner then, fretting about phone calls from the agency, today has trundled on by.  SOME SCHOOLS droned Owner to me, when I was trying hard to get a few zzzzzzzzz OH! Some schools are still shut. ~Tmro is Aged parent's birfdee and I can only hope that all goes to Owner's plan.  She has the card TICK she has a luncheon planned TICK and even Aged parent is looking forward double TICK.

Now Bertie managed to come downstairs to partake of my food and my facilities.  he is even now residing in the Narnia Cupboard and is not growling.  No.  Ruggles took a brief trot out back, and soon came home for his usual daytime nap atop the linen.  If Owner can take a tip from us and settle down to watch the soaps with a double dose of Corrie (hankies away folks! Owen has left Anna and we are sad) and Enders with more doom gloom and Max gone motor mad.  I haven't mentioned the search for Shazzer's real Dad and I'm not going to.  And finally, get this, Owner has entered a massive Australian competition (hallo Australia and lots of love now) with a poem by me.  I know.  do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and especially if you are in Australia. x  Big Love Wonka x