Saturday, 11 April 2015

Sporty Satdee

Wonka here.  Today folks we are spoilt rotten for historical sporting events.  Yes.  When Owner trotted round to visit (first)aged sibling they discussed (list) 1.  The Boat race.  it turns out that this brings back memories as they watched it at their Grandma and Grandad's when they were kids. I ALWAYS WANT CAMBRIDGE to win it, droned Owner to me.  I mean, there are only two possible winners in this race so if they don't win it, it is Oxford.  Who?  I enquired, very nicely, wants to watch two boats and their crews battle it out Owner?  eh?  EH?  And it turns out millions of folk do.  It all began in 1829, and runs annually since the 1850s and blow me right down the stairs if  Cambridge have won it more than Oxford.  Where is it! you all chirp up and ask!  On the good River Thames.

Fresh sporty para.  The other sporty event Owner discussed with aged sibling was 2) The Grand National.  yes, another trip down memory lane as they all sat at their Grandparents and placed bets on.  IT WAS EXCITING for us kids, droned Owner to me, and I have to say, if it had been racing pigeons instead of horses I might have been a bit more keen.  THEN Wonka, she continued on zzzzzzzzz OH, must have dropped on for a second or two....Then she goes to me, I call round to Aged Parent and they are running a sweepstake and I picked Many Clouds.  Now this race folks comes with a massive health warning for horses as it is a huge race with a gruelling course and jumps. I AM PRAYING TO ST FRANCIS she tells me up and I am too.  We love horses. x

A small and sporty cartoon for the real sporting event of the Day!!

There we are!!  My fave tennis player Andy Murrymint has only married Kim thingy!!!  And even though Owner's fave is Novak she still wishes them well!  They tied the tennis racquet in Dunblane in Sconny Botland and that is Scotland to all you folks out there thinking what the heck is Wonka on about.  We love it. x
Final sporting para.   So when Owner makes it home and parks up in a typically miniscule space, I says to her Will you Owner, be watching the race?  WHICH ONE she says back to me.  Well we have managed both folks, and blow me down and take me down to the bottom of our stairs if Owner's tiny sweepstake ticket didn't win the day!  HE NEEDED LOTS of water to cool him down and his trainer was worried says Owner, but Many Clouds.....WE LOVE YOU.  But, we are still sending lots of love to Balthazar King, he was aged parent's horse and he fell down.  What about a coin in the wishing well I suggested (big word for me and I like it) Good idea says Owner, we'll put more in.  And we have. X
Small tiny and minute political update.  Both the main parties, droned the good radio today, are going to 'shore' up the NHS with billions more £s.  and Mr Ed who heads up Labour is going to see that all Mums to be have a midwife.  I mean we thought they already did but what do we know?  eh ? EH?
Real final sporting para.  The two horse race aka the boat race is being won by Oxford.  yes.  Now last night we managed to keep up with a very sad storyline in Corrie as Owen has been asked to leave by Anna;  But I love you he kept on saying.  I AM NOT KEEN says Owner, on such a sad storyline. and over in Enders, the Dad or brother or Grandad of practically the whole Queen Vic family, popped off.  I'd say it was a typical Fridee nighter ..IT'S NOT REAL I says to Owner, but she didn't hear me above checking the yard for stray Vikings... Bertie Bubb is doing his impression of a sleeping Beauty in the Land of Wardrobe and Rugglesis is guarding the step.  he is in love with Gingertop and went all frisky yesterdee even though he's been done.  (enough said.) Tonight there is more sporting entertainment with Britain has lots of Talent. topped off with Casualtee.  Do go steady out there in your own sporting Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x