Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Still here Wednesdee

Wonka here.  It seems like any other day but it isn't.  HOWCOME you all shriek up and wonder up?  because dear folks out there all over the Wold, Owner started off by being sad.  Then she stopped being sad and went on a small worry wart.....about? you all further question up.  About whether she will ever work again ever in her life.   Events out there in the Wold have been on Owner's mind, like the natural disasters and the not so natural disasters.  I have strongly advised her (list) 1.  She cannot however hard she prays and pops money in the wishing well save the Wold 2. it has only been a couple of days without a 'are you available' phone call to shake all our nerves up 3.  the snooker is on and she did wish she could be off for the entire championship.  I SPOSE YOU ARE RIGHT Wonka, she mumbled so low I could barely hear it.  I love it. x

Fresh and bright still here para.  As a diversion tactic to stop Owner from dwelling on the lack of love in the Wold, and instead cling to our humble goings on, I have insisted on this cartoon:

There we are!  Can you hear those bluebirds singling in the background?  See the butterflies flapping round her head! Note the huge bags of gifts (for the little person she fell in love with) and that folks is why I love Owner.  YES, I know I don't always show it and YES I have been known to lash out for no good reason, but she has a big heart folks.....x
Small political update:  we are speeding now towards the poor election and Dave was on good Radio 2 with that ultra annoying Jezzer Vine.  All Owner can report up is Dave going on about halving the deficit (like it is a cake.  a deficit cake, no cupcake) and how rotten Labour is.  and how to blame Labour is.  I am still keeping an eye for a random Vikip candidate and if the door goes it will be one of them spouting away on our doorstep.  They will look like an ordinary person but the helmet may give it away.  YES I have warned Owner. (but you will recall the dog on the loose in the night incident and we know she cannot quite be trusted. no.)
Final still here para.  Today, I forced Owner away from the snooker and out to the shops with a list.  All essential shopping folks as we cannot have another wrong pyjama incident.  Fresh from a double whammy visit to aged sibling and parent, she is now clued up on postal and proxy voting.  IT IS VERY COMPLICATED she tells me up.  Now I always vote with my feet, and today was no exception between herding Bertie into his Narnia cupboard where he has been all day and then sniffing round the kitchen, I tell you I am quite worn out.
Tiny snooker update:  our new fave Ant McGill went out to Mr Waistcoat Murphy but Owner has used up all her sad setting for one day and stayed calm.  Ronnie is messing about as per, one minute he 'has the frame' ( I love snooker speak) and the next he has missed the 'frame ball'.  Either way we love it!  Tonight we are back with Corrie and will Roy go on a date, we hope so and the big story is will Kevin see sense?? eh? EH?? Now tmro, Owner may be in demand, or not and whichever it is, there is more snooker!  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka