Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Whitby Wednesdee

Wonka here.  We made it up at the right time and Owner's hair has gone right for the second or third week running AND that is without a single snip, a dose of hair product, a frantic text to the hair rescuer nor nothing. I CANNOT UNDERSTAND IT Wonka, she says to me, wondering why.... It's your attitude towards it that has changed Owner I says back, your hair looks the same as ever.  Meaning? she goes back straightaway.  Meaning it looks gorgeous!  And yes, it was time for seconds I'll give you that, but I cannot tell a lie to Owner especially when she is on fairly positive setting.  It could all quickly change...................but not today!  I love it.

Whitbyfied para.  Cherio! she shouts and off she tootles in the car with no name to Whitby, the home of that famous Abbey and where Count Dracula may have washed up.  Oh and the fish and chips.  OH NO now I want fish and Owner wants chips.  Big fat fish shop chips.  STOP IT Wonka, she tells me up, but I can't I am now dribbling and drooling for some crispy batter wrapped around some melt in your mouth fish.....  We love it! x

Small Whitby cartoon para.  Owner says out of all the millions of cartoons there is not one of the Abbey and we will have to make do with Scarborough castle and I said alright Owner.


There it is!  I said what is that scribble thing and she tells me it was just a ROUGH SKETCH of the castle.  It looks like it is caught in a storm I says up.  I love it. x

More about Whitby para.  She seemed to get there very quickly and wondered why.  Even Robin Hoods Bay which is a beauty seaside cove thingy, whizzed past her in a dream.  Why she had to visit that maze like supermarket and bring back a pair of pyjamas I would worry about burying her in I cannot judge.  NO, I have not said, not even from under the bed.  I did suggest washing them to be rid of that new smell and now they are jammed in the washer with all else.  I MIGHT GROW TO LIKE THEM she droned to me and I did say or pop them in the next charity bag but she didn't hear me above talking to her cousin loudly on the phone.  This frightened Ruggles, who thought it was a real live person (or a Viking invader) and he went funny and ran out.  It seems the school she went to managed to cope with her for two hours, and the students stayed in the room. x

Brief interlude for a political update.  Basically they are all releasing their manifestos into the wild and they are promising more houses and more minimum wages and such like.  Owner says NO ONE will get a majority. End of.

Final Whitby para.  Tonight we have Corrie to snuggle to, despite Owen telling Anna IT IS OVER now, and Sarah Loo has been sacked by her mystery boss in deepest Milan.  Then it is a toss up between John and Gregg and their semi finalists.... they have to cook a meal from scraps shouted Owner to me, and goes, they should have seen my lunch from yesterdee!  The less said about this the better I say, as Owner can be a little loud at times....ONLY JOKING Owner!  yes it is a toss up whether to watch give a pet a home as it might have that nice Julian Clary in it. Bertie bubb is behaving nicely in the Narnia cupboard and Ruggles has come home the silly billy and he will go out soon looking for gingertop.  I ask you. Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x