Saturday, 2 May 2015

A Little Princess Satdee!

Wonka here.  Owner has had wall to wall news folks and has droned on about it all day long:  the babe is here!  born at 8 34 am this morn! AND it is a girl YIPEE.

There we are!!  that little Princess has arrived safely and her bruv Prince George has spied her already.  We love them! x
Other news.  Owner says she cannot recall any election news but has this to say:  I am going to be voting 4 times in all Wonka!  Twice for me, and twice for aged parent.  it turns out Owner has to take her proxy vote all the way to another polling station.  WILL YOU FIND IT ALRIGHT I goes up?  I have done a reccy, she goes back.  WE ARE READY!! x
Royal and final para:  What else? you all wonder up has been happening up.  We all snoozled in nicely and it was only when I went to dab Owner on the lip, very gently!that she eased herself up and at em.  I have had a number of chances to look at Ruggles face to face and did this the minute Owner went into another room; this folks is called unsupervised access and yes!  I love it!  Bubb escaped upstairs with a little ushering up from me..... tonight, once I prise Owner away from the tv and all news of Princess Alice, or Mary, or Alexandra, or Elizabeth, or Charlotte...... we can get on with the rest of our viewing.
Snookerooni update:  Shaun Murphy has powered on into the Final and our hopes are on Stu, our new fave to join him (sorry Judd).  There is Britain's got some talent and blow me down if we don't wash it all down with Casualtee and it is Connie's moment in the dock!!  Will Charley save her?  will that nasty conniving nursey who hid the pills come clean??  These vital questions folks await us.  Now Owner has set her sights on a house that costs a mere quarter of a million quid, and has purchased a lotto ticket in case.  Owner, I says up, you have just donated two pounds to the greater good.  SOMEONE, she droned back to me, has to win.  In our dreams folks!  Now on this very royal day, do go steady good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it!  Big love Wonka x