Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Brave Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Every now and then, Owner forgets about all nice and cosy and that, and BREAKS OUT and puts her little foot down!  Oh no! you all shout out to me full of concern....YES I was told off this morning for another unsupervised contact, but she was too busy stroking Rugglestop and saying HOW BRAVE YOUR ARE Ruggles! to spend much time on it.  Is that it? you all mumble going back to reading the paper or mowing the lawn (perhaps not.  all our lawns are sodden (a bracket within a bracket,  How brave is that!  Owner said ok to say sodden so I am) with non stop rain) or just laying around on your settees.....NO there is more bravery to be had.  and I love it. x

Fresh and brave para.  Owner sped off out, now she is free from the trammings (I want that to be a word.  end of) of work.  NO, she is still being thrown to the lions and thrown on the scrap heap; I cannot believe it Wonka!  she shouted up at me this morn, and I have to say I was enjoying a few moments zzzzzzzzzzz OH..yes? I goes full of interest it being close-ish to a snackerooni... there is an advert, she droned to me, on Facebook....YES, I says trying hard to stay interested, AND IT IS FOR THE SAME JOB that I am not getting called in for!!!  How's that for a smack round the chops folks! eh? EH?  Did Owner get upset by that?  not a bit of it.  It's just, she continued on reporting up to me, it's just their wicked way, of drawing helpless foolish people towards their godforsaken agency.  yes.  I love it. and as for being brave whilst she was out....see the next but one para. x

Intermission and cartoon para.  here follows Bertie Bubb being brave...

There he is!  I am King inside, and Rug is King outside but Bertie Bubb is King of the wardrobe...and as brave as you like.  Mostly.  I love him.  Mostly. x
Brief and final election run up finale update.  All of them are going mad now to trap our crosses.  And if Owner has read one bit of information about hung parliments (I know) and thingy representation and what if this and what if that, I'll go to the top of our stairs and stay there.  And to cap it all, old Nick is droning on about being a surprise.  Well, shouts Owner, if it's the same surprise as last time, where he drops all pretence of running a leftish party to cuddle up to a rightish one.  yes she was on Passionate setting folks!  it does get to you in the end, even our hero Hardeep Singh Koli is hard at it on twitter.  We love him.x
Final breakthrough and brave para.  Owner was brave at the dentist, NO, it wasn't her I would not have heard the end of it, but with aged sibling.  He was brave too.  and finally when she gets back to Aged Sibling's home, she was brave on the phone to one of his support network thingies.  THEY ARE NOT SUPPORTING ENOUGH she shouts down the phone to the Manager.  I mean if I had been the Manager I would have said yes to everything that Owner was dribbling on about and then had big drink of something after.  After such a brave day, it does wear you out rather, and I know you will all be wanting an update on that new and exciting eco thingy cat litter.  I DON'T LIKE IT. End of. Tonight we are to be clustered up to Corrie x 1, and nice Nick wants to be a Daddy and trickster David has run off with the childer.  That is to escape Killum who tried hard to infiltrate (I say!) the household by cuddling up with Sarah Loo. Later there is Mr Kay and his car share OR we can finish up with Exodus.  and that would be a brave ending to our day.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x