Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Don't Call Me Wednesdee

Wonka here.  As Owner keeps droning on about Mercury going backwards (sound familiar? eh? EH?) and communications all up the swanny river WELL IT IS TRUE good folks out there all possibly having hard going conversations with people who treat you like you are a spy or a double agent or detective trying to find out their deepest darkest secret AND NOT just a simple enquiry...(sorry all private eyes in the Wold just doing your job and probably being treated with respect. yes).
What! you all shout up, has brought this tirade on! (good use of word.)  I shall tell you. x

Brief interlude and call me Wonka para.  Owner as you know gets tired now and then alright every day with being on the scrap heap and not having a proper job.  These zero hours have got a lot of attention folks and it is due to them being a load of rubbish.  yes.  anyhow, does she suddenly get interested in her plight (OOH) and say to me WONKA, I may just ring up so and so and see if they need anyone as talented and skilful as me..... a year later when she finds the phone number she rings them up and.........WHO ARE YOU?  WHY ARE YOU RINGING US?  YOU NEED TO SPEAK TO YOUR LEADER and so on and so forth.  I thought, said Owner when she prised herself away from the bad phone call, I thought I was a spy for NASA.  It turned out, after Owner insisted on speaking to someone who could help her ( and not the one who interrogated her after Hello) not only did she not help her even more, she tells Owner the other one was the manager.  OH says Owner, if only she had introduced herself.  BUT Owner, I says up by way of consolation, that would have taken manners! End of.

Small don't call me ever para with a cartoon to make us feel more the ticket. x

There we are!  clinging onto the hope that we are not the only ones left with some telephone skills!  I love it. x
Final call me anytime Para.  the rest of the day passed off alright as if to make up for the bit that wasn't.  Owner rolls back in from her spot of invigilating and topping that off with a meeting at aged sibling in a surprisingly upbeat mood.  AND no shopping in sight.  I CAN MANAGE WITHOUT CHOCOLATE she drones to me, and I says as long as my biscuits troughs are filled to bursting I CAN MANAGE TOO!
Even more good news due to  A GOOD PHONE CALL - yes Owner is booked tmro and Fridee morn and may have made a friend on the revolving everlasting agency work circuit.  I mean, even I am full of admiration for Owner actually being nice to someone.....ONLY JOKING! and to round it all off Owner discovered it is half term next week so she can sink into a complete wall to wall dream! I love it. x
SMALL KLAXON to announce a weensy bit of political news and it is that nice Tristram Hunt who we did like and would have backed him yes, well he is NOT now standing for leader BUT backing.......and that was the bit we missed as we were too far from the radio to hear it.  In which case we are back to that nice Yvette for now.  Bubster has been sighted bolting down a cartload of Sheba and has had a nice cuddle in the Narnia cupboard without Owner banging her head on anything.  Rugglesis went a bit frolicy in the narrow confines (like it) of the kitchen and banged slightly SLIGHTLY on the cupboard door to the sink so Owner had to spend 5 minutes checking he was alright and not unconscious.  yes.   Tonight we must zone out to Corrie X 1 and the evil antics of Tonee and Tracee, and wonder when Anna will go mad at Sally.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x