Monday, 11 May 2015

Don't Care Mundee

Wonka here.  Yes I know, whatever has happened to Owner but everything now is I CANNOT BE BOTHERED Wonka.  I have rolled on the luxury carpet, looking at my most adorable folks, and begging for a tummy tickle (my all time fave) to lighten her up.  Have I won out? eh? EH? not a bit of it.  I feel sad, she moans up, and forgotten Bagpuss hanging on the door handle there.

And here is Bagpuss, and he does hang on the door and we do still love him even if we don't say very often................

There we are! and Bagpuss was a leaving present when Owner left one of the many jobs she has had in her long and sorry career.  Just because no one from that agency is ringing you up Owner doesn't take away from all your talents I said up (It was cuddling up to snack time).  I KNOW, she goes back, giving me a giant tummy tickle.  I love it. x
Brief and not bothered overmuch final para.  I had to take Owner to task when she tried to hide the latest purchase from me.  What made you think, Owner, I said up (admittedly from behind the kitchen door which was shut) that these would fit you, look nice, and be cheap at half the price?? The other items have been flung on a shelf as 'alright'.  Lots of non essentials folks can only mean one thing, YES, Owner is on the lowest setting there is.  Is there any good news you all wonder up, reaching for the whisky bottle or vino or whatever your tipple is?  There is folks!  The bank came up trumps with a query just when Owner thought it wouldn't.  Saints be praised she said to the nice customer services lady.  And the other good news is that the fab four reunion is edging closer.  She had a long and happy call all about it.  I am looking forward to it too, Yes.
Tonight we will cling onto Corrie x 2, and Killum is angry still with Sarah Loo and bruv Dave, whilst Gail their mother newly wed to Les Dennis I mean Michael has gone very philosophical (I know)and wise.  There is Enders which can only rub Owner up the wrong way but when did she listen to me folks.... Bertie Bubb for some reason is still in the Narnia cupboard and he may have simply forgotten there is another land upstairs.  Ruggles is splayed out on the top step and in feline heaven we think.  Me? thanks for asking, just keeping everyone in check and grabbing a bit of fodder and zzzzzzzzzzz along the way.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x